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Greetings from eager optimist

Hello people!

TLDR; Young adult optimistic about AoC, will spend money, played MMO's since 2004, Intrepid Studios looks legit, some concerns.

I'm a 27 year old dude from Norway that's currently psyched about this game. I'll probably go for the 500$ backing tier, but I'm waiting until more information is revealed before I fully decide on the tier. I've been playing MMO's since EQ2 (my favorite) and the last few years I've grown really tired of the current trend within the MMO market, mostly regarding lack of innovation and new technologies and I really think player-driven content is the best approach to refresh the genre. Been trying out Eve, but it's hard to get into the game due to its age and complexity, especially since I didn't follow the game since its inception.

I'm not new to Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing projects, I was really hyped for Everquest Next and enjoyed Everquest Landmark until management fucked over that project, which was a shame. I am optimistic about Intrepid Studios, not just because of their passion and refreshing perspective, but also because Steven is privately funding the game and that they have funding to complete the game regardless of Kickstarted status, which means that over time the game will be developed according to their vision anyway. Their timeline also seems realistic, no paid access until late 2018, which means almost 3 years of development before the hypetrain crashes their servers and spews the normal toxicity due to lack of understanding of the insane amount of work that's needed to reach a gameplay state that feels solid.

It is not without any concerns that I back this project, I've been burnt before and know all too well how easy it is to fall for developers promises during their marketing and crowdfunding phases. However, Kickstarter is an investment, not a guarantee, so I really hope my investment will pay off and that I'll be able to provide useful feedback throughout the test stages.

Best regards,


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    Hello hello @Doughan!
    Welcome to the forums, sorry for the delayed response, did you end up backing in the end, or are you planning on backing the summer extension?

    I think a few of us have been burnt before, but others like myself are taking a punt anyway... 
    Cross fingers and legs that it all comes right in the end.
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    A belated welcome to the Ashes community!  
    Many of us are approaching this with a bit of apprehension, yet most are fairly confident in the vision Intrepid has for the long run.  We'll be biting our nails together.   =)
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    Welcome @Doughan! I hope you enjoy it here with your fellow Ashlings!
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    Welcome to the forums @Dougan \o. Your TL;DR is similar to mine. This community is full of awesome individuals with very similar backgrounds and experiences as yours. We're here for the long hall to do whatever it takes to make this successful :)
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    We;come to the community.  Make your self at home and feel free to ask questions, We'll help as we can.    
    Tea & Crumpets ----------------->
    <----------------- Ale and Pretzels 
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    Welcome to our community ! o/
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    I can't believe the amounts of money people are dropping on this game with such a long wait xD I really hope it's worth the investment many people have made. Anyways, welcome to the community~!
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