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Starting from Zero

So hi guys it's me a first time poster,
Alright so as I understand it the world will start with no infrastructure, which in itself sounds amazing, but how much of how things will get setup will be influenced by players vs. how the (what I take to be a fantastical version of a stargate) are placed around the world? And more generally what do you think that are the big actions players could take either early on or later to influence where the world will develop. Personally I think that one of the easier but probably most costly ways will just be to stake out an area and just kill anyone who comes near. Although that brings up more interesting questions like, if you are near a valued resource how hard will locals fight your for that land?
Anyway, standard apology if this or something similar has been discussed elsewhere, still haven't caught up with all material published for this game yet.


  • You need to be careful killing people at leisure.
    There is an anti griefing system being put in place.
    You will receive heavier and heavier penalties through a corruption system if you attack non-combatants.
    There is scope for legitimate combat though, the full details of which we still dont know yet.
    Theres 3 icons on the combat slider sieges/pve/pvp ...each has more details.

    Welcome by the way :)
  • Welcome @cosmicdragon, if your having trouble finding anything check out

    <a href="">This Post</a>

    its got few handy links :)
  • Ehm, I am not sure if I understand your question(s)?

    <strong>How much do players influence the world?</strong>
    Well, that very much depends, especially on the region you are looking at. You might want to look for Nodes, <a href="">here</a>. Since we don't know where Nodes are located and how fast / slow they will progress to their respectable stages, it's hard to give you a definite answer as of now.
    Since governing Nodes is an overall concept in development, we don't know too much how it will effect the surrounding environments.

    <strong>What are the big actions players could take to influence the world / environment?</strong>

    Not killing too many people. Exploring the world, playing the Market. There are endless possibilities. But what we can do right at the beginning, we don't know - yet!
    Camping important regions?</strong>

    Well, that depends. In the beginning you will probably not know this plant's use or why killing the red wolf is so difficult. It's very much luck and chance. You might find something valuable and keep it or throw it away, not knowing how valuable it was.
    Fun fact, when Guild Wars 2 launched its precursors, I sold mine for basically nothing, not knowing what to make of the Greatsword.

    <img src="" alt="Smart" />

    Edit: And welcome, hope we all have a great time! Check the <a href="">Discord</a> out, great minds think alike. Maybe some of your questions have already been answered there! :)

    ~ Zention
  • To answer a few of your questions:
    Its my understanding that we won't start with 0% infrastructure, but it will be close to it. You/the npcs start from one end and spread to the other (basicly). The "node-spreading" is gonna be kinda invisible, its more like the npc asks you to help and you do it, the theres some activity in the region and the NPC might choose to setup camp, basicly the beginnings of a town/node.

    As I understand it you can't "stake out" an area, since you can't choose to start a town, its through the npc's that this happens. You can however "take over" the town when its there, but mostly through politics and such.
  • Yes, I saw the blurb on the PvP about a flagging system to deter briefing but nothing on "corruption" yet, personally flagging and zoning pvp is sort of a turn off for me because it impacts my ability to play a LE or CN character although I understand why others may disagree and lean toward that more traditional approach. I suppose if it works out like Albion's pvp zones it would be interesting, actually that leads me to a new post.
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