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Ver'ilassa, touching evil

Ver’ilassa squinted, using her hand to shade her eyes from the rays of the sun that were somehow breaking through the thick canopy of trees and the rays were at just the right angle that the rising sun brought both pain and beauty. The dwindling mist that hung around her ankles, being burnt away and leaving behind it a morning dew, she took a deep breath in and smiled at the freshness of it all.

At first, her elven ears did not even notice the sounds of the birds making their morning songs; as if her very arrival in the woods had spurred them into action and she could feel it… feel the magic of the place surrounding her, enveloping her in a warmth that resonated with her soul and it was at that very moment, standing there alone in the woodland, that she felt the most connected to her God that she had ever felt all of her lifetime – this was where she was supposed to be, she knew it.

Taking those first few steps felt like she was betraying the beauty that she had moments ago been basking in; even her light elven footing, left behind a trail, disrupting the natural beauty around her, <em>“K’lass mera’e.”</em> She offered her words up in apology and prayer for her disruption, placing her hand on the nearest tree and feeling it’s life-force flowing through it.

Knowing her God was listening, was a welcome thought and as she continued to feel the essence of the tree flowing through her hand, she became aware of the nest of birds that had made residence inside its trunk.

Muttering more elvish words, her hand glowed brightly and with a pulse, the light entered the tree, giving it nourishment and thanking it for sharing its connection, but it was in that instant, the exchange of energies between herself and the tree, that she felt it, deep from within the roots of the tree, deeper still… a darkness, an evil unlike any she had felt before in her life… her life-giving energy reached down into the earth and roused it from its slumber – it had taken notice of her arrival.

At once, she withdrew her hand from the trunk of the tree and looked around herself in panic, but within moments, the beauty of the place overwhelmed her brief connection to the once dormant evil and the connection to her God was once again pure and strong… she knew now, that if she wanted this world to remain beautiful, she would have to fight for it and make a stand against the waking evil that lay below.

Reaching back, she touched the side of her bow in reassurance that it had made the journey with her and then looked around one final time, her decision made… she would fight, but she would not sit idly by and wait for this evil to arrive… she would seek it out, wherever it may be, and eradicate it from this new world.


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