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Good Afternoon!

<strong>Fellow MMORPG players,</strong>

Hi i'm "D" as my classmates often call me, my Gaming name is Madarao Reodan for complete name. It's not Madara or any other naruto related stuff, It's from an anime Kekkaishi, a demon wolf or a mountain dog to be exact, who always helps his or her master. It's just the same as me, been a support or tank or both in my whole gaming life, IRL? well not so much.

I'm 23, currently studying IT (if that's event relevant) been on a lot of games who promised a lot but gives nothing in return, It can be eastern or western, from aika online to blade and soul to tera, damn it's been a lot, so hopefully I can be on a place where I can stay for atleast a year.. like the ragnarok days..anyways if anyone needs my help, I will hang-around on NA servers or OCEANIC, it depends.. If anyone can come and ask me for a party or a guild I will sufficiently supply whatever I can help with..


<strong>EXPERIENCE :</strong>
11 Years of MMORPG, from Ragnarok to Tera utmost, never played any subscription based game before but I did premium on some ftp.
Strat games are my favorite helps me think logically on MMORPG's :D :D :D
Can command, but surely can follow orders
1 Guild 4ever rule.. (if the guild stays that long of course.. except for merges or disbandment) so I'd like to meet some people please!.

<strong>ROLES :</strong>
I play FULL SUPPORT as always, if need be.
Planning to go HYBRID on Bard and Cleric or Focus solely on each one depending on the people I will meet IN-GAME who are maybe as dedicated as I am. (6 Hours of gameplay a day.. MINIMUM!!!)
I play TANK if there is someone better than me on support on the roster.
I don't like DPS.. or assasins... or anything that can kill you 1 on 1.. More of a team player here.
I will probably be a NUKER/Mage if I get ignored for atleast a week, in game.

I am a crafter as well as a gatherer.. Althou it will depend on what gear I am using or what I am needing mostly, that will include scrolls and pots if possible, (so I hope there will be no gear locks on specific classes, since I've heard it's a stat based so I think I can atleast wear armor not robes.. robes are for the poopy part.. to catch the poop not the blade or a fire ball.

So yeah.. I hope this sums me up.. If you need a support I can play :D , hoping to find a place here.. with a fire.. and a lute and a beer..



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    Wow hello there! That's a boat load of info!!! I'm sure you will easily find a spot in any guild
    Being that flexible and knowledgeable of the mmo scene! Nice to have you aboard the AoC hype wagon!!! Lots of guilds recruiting in the guild application section might wanna check that out too!
    I wouldn't make any rash decisions though still a long way to go.
    But from my experience multi gaming communities are the best to join.
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    Good afternoon fellow support and welcome! ❤️
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    Welcome to AoC! I'm still not sure what I'll be running Tank, Heals, or Dps. But thanks for your choice of support! XD
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    Thanks for the warm welcome :D
    and I hope to see you guys ingame!!
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    Welcome traveler!!!

    I'm 21 years old and I'm a Hardcore gamer. I prefer playing video games that I can play online. But that's not to say that you can't find me playing a single player game offline. I'm pretty laid back about things. I'm just here to play and have some fun.

    I played WOW for about 11 years and played some other mmos never really got into them like World of warcraft
    if your looking for a guild I suggest you check out the community discord link will be provided down below and #guild_recruitment I'm pretty sure they be happy to take you in :)

    Info down below
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