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Costume/armor looks and realisticness options?

Wouldnt you love to have everyone look the way they wanted to look?
Not be limited by class primary and tier armor
Not be able to be pin pointed in pvp as that x class cause you look just like the rest of them?

Well I would and here is how we can achieve this with ease.

Early in the EQ days right after PoP released they allowed players to change the look of their current armor with different armor of the same class (cloth, leather, plate, robes) it allowed each player to experiment with the way they looked till they had hat made them happy. All you had to do is have your. Urgent armor on you and the piece you wanted it to look like in your inventory and just swap the image of it.

Bam. You have diversity, everyone can look like they want, you won't be singled out in pvp anymore and we don't have to worry about looking the same if the game has tier armor.

I think this idea will increase the rpg aspect of this game and open the world a bit more never knowing what someone is actually wearing and just allowing everyone to be themselves.

What would be amazing is if they didn't class specify it. Tell me it wouldn't be cool seeing a mage in a plate armor set. It would throw you off but strictly cosmetics.

Now I thought it would be nice to throw this in the cash shop for AoC to make money through it. Instead of selling pure costumes and such you can sell costume swap tickets that allows us to swap the look of a piece of armor for a 1 times use.

What are your thoughts on this concept and how do you think it will impact the world seeing nobody look the exact same?
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