[EU][LTU] Aberration guild [PvX/Semi]

KleskKlesk Member
edited September 18 in European Guilds
Guild "Aberration" is focusing to be for Lithuanian speaking players ONLY. Aiming to gather healthy community so we would fully enjoy Ashes of Creation world and be able to explore it together with friends.

Requirements to join:
* Speaking language: Lithuanian
* Age: 18+ years

 Discord link: https://discord.gg/zXHaTHJ


  • KleskKlesk Member
    Starting to grow in number, all Lithuanians shall join ASAP :)
  • KleskKlesk Member
    Still waiting for fellow friends to join us.
  • evaldas1986evaldas1986 Member
    im up, but i hope when game release, we have more Lithuanian people in the game.  Please contact with me in fb (Evaldas Kunca).
  • MidgardSGMidgardSG Member
    discord link is expired. fix it.
  • KleskKlesk Member
    Update discord link.
  • KleskKlesk Member
    Updated Discord link, hopefully it won't expire anymore :)
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