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  • Let's face it, without money you can't get what you want and need.
  • There will be sub groups of crafters, gatherers, prime beef (warriors/militia), and distributors.

    All who are interested please leave a reply with your interests for contributions to the cause!
  • I can be a crafter if need be.. and can collect my own resources actually, the only problem is distribution if you can promise and guarantee it ill join.
  • That's not a problem! There is no point in having something without the logistics to be able to sell!
  • Welcome Aboard!
  • I plan on doing 3 gathering skills, not sure on what ones I'm going to choose. With that being said I think the caravan system is going to be amazing and I am looking forward ensuring safe travels!
  • Welcome! I'm excited for the more localized economies, the other side of the Guide plan is to gather specialty items so the more brute force we can gather for both raiding and protecting is also very important. Looking into a good coastal environment/port town will be both essential and looks like it'll have double the risk of having water based bosses emerging with land based.
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