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[bug report] Post dissappears after you edited it too many times

In (below noted) thread reply number 9 should be my text, even in thread log it states I posted in it (last post by Gothix), but I don't see it anymore, and I even can't post a new one.

When I try to post exactly same text again, it tells me I am making a duplicate post even if my old post isn't visible at all.

Thread in question:


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    Logging out forums, and completely clearing web browser cache (closing and reentering browser) didn't help.

    When I just edited the post above to simply move link to the end of thread and then saved changes, instead of editing the post it made a new thread, so now there are two threads in here.

    There is thread name box stuck in middle of screen and it moves together with UI while scrolling making using posting tools impossible and covering half the text box.
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    I've restored your post! :) If there are any more issues, don't hesitate to write up a report :D
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