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Concerns about Casual/occasional play

I fell in love with the concept of Ashes of Creation the moment I laid eyes on it, but there was always one thing that kept bugging me and bugging me.

What about the casual players? What about the time spent offline?

When story progresses if, say, I take a week hiatus from the game, I fear that it would make me feel not as involved with the game, with the world.

If my house can be destroyed, if I'm taking that week hiatus, there would be nothing I could do about that. How could I keep up with the storytelling or the world if I don't happen to be online for these events? I assume that there would probably be people dedicated to keeping track of lore, but if I miss out on experiences I feel like it might be alienating.


  • I suppose I should elaborate a bit on what I mean - Because things can happen while we're offline, how will this game avoid punishing casual players? It's obviously more rewarding if you're a regular player, if you're consistently online and involved, but if I can only play 3 or 4 days, or maybe even fewer days a week... Wouldn't it be punishing if you came back to find your house razed because of something that happened while you couldn't be online to play?
  • Hi ChaoticLizard,
    Lot's of people can't play MMO's more than a few sessions per week or have to skip weeks now and then. No game developer is going to punish these players by making missing a few day of the Over Arching story so important that you miss much in those times.

    There is a great deal being said about the "Grand Story" and all that but mostly it is about YOUR story for you. Your story isn't going to get way ahead of you when you can't play.

    Your house(if you are one of the lucky house owners): Can't be just burned down in one or two days. The Node has to be taken over first after a preparation phase of some time and then during a 2hr period, or so, freeholds and things like them can be "destroyed". Steven has mentioned that even should this happen, your house and all in it will be in a template that you can put down again in any open spot.

    No worries, by the time the "Grand Server Story" gets any good, it will be moving at a nice slow pace, IMO.
  • Yes what Bringslite said, don't worry, the casual player base are the majority of gamers so they won't punish you for being away a few days. You might miss out a few events but nothing server shattering. Those events will probably have a ramp up time so people can be ready. It would cause a massive shitstorm otherwise. You could try asking the question in Discord, the devs are very active there.
  • Also pay heed to the time scales involved, it's unlikely that Intrepid will allow rushed development of nodes. It's going to take months to get to Metropolis tier nodes.
  • Infrequent play will give you infrequent exposure to the story, sadly. It's just the way it is, but there will likely be far more time than a week in which time your freehold or node's home would be destroyed. From what we've heard, these will not be frequent things, often taking a truckload of time to prepare such sieges beforehand.
  • Maybe having your housing in a metropolis where there is a regular player "army" who defends the city. This could involve guilds or militias being hired to deter enemy attacks from taking over and thus saving your home.

    The prospect of an elite group of PVP players for hire has always been a fantasy of mine in an MMO. Maybe this will fulfill that.
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">SageVonAwesome wrote:</a></div>Also pay heed to the time scales involved, it’s unlikely that Intrepid will allow rushed development of nodes. It’s going to take months to get to Metropolis tier nodes.


    I think you're under estimating gamers. Hopefully with the alpha testing phases they will be able to get a better idea of how long it will take to level a node and how long they want it to take. The nodes level with every action a player takes so it's hard for them to foresee the efforts or the lack of effort to level a node. I believe they released a general timeline of how long they want it to take to level a node through each stage but that is going to vary a lot on each server due to number of players, conflict, organization etc.
    I don't think the game will punish you for not being able to play all the time but like with everything else if you don't put in the time then you won't get results. You can't expect an mmo to revolve around your life as it revolves around the game world and thousands of people.
  • I say that it would be possible to play casually. otherwise they lose a lot of customers.
    also, they need several casual players to keep the game dynamic. so unlikely to damage.
  • Earth shattering events do appear to be scheduled.
    So you can put a date in your calendar with plenty of warning.
    Even if you cant attend, you can ask people to keep you informed.

    It is apparent Intrepid have thought about this from your perspective.
  • I think that being a casual player is part of being a more mature player base. I think they realize that some of us just can't be on all the time but I would love to have some out of game ways for tracking what's going on in you server and node.
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">NightAngel wrote:</a></div>I think that being a casual player is part of being a more mature player base. I think they realize that some of us just can’t be on all the time but I would love to have some out of game ways for tracking what’s going on in you server and node.


  • The MMORPG demographic is def getting older since WOW was the last major blockbuster, and it started almost15years ago.

    That puts nearly everyone that was brought into the genre at that time or earlier in there 30s at the youngest.

    Not to say the next big MMORPG can't convert the younger crowd once again, but they're not the core audience for AoC at the outset.

    All that to say, most people 25+ have responsibilities both at work and at home, and not just for themselves. Meaning the playerbase is inherently growing more casual everyday, so I'm sure your/our concerns will be balanced with the games player experience.

    But who's knows, maybe in 25yrs when the milennials start to retire, hardcore MMORPGs will be all the rage.
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">Mansfield wrote:</a></div>
    But who’s knows, maybe in 25yrs when the milennials start to retire, hardcore MMORPGs will be all the rage.

    Get your grandkids hooked.
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">Mansfield wrote:</a></div>But who’s knows, maybe in 25yrs when the milennials start to retire, hardcore MMORPGs will be all the rage.</blockquote>

    I keep sayin' this, and (young) people don't seem to realize it: Do you think that you're just going to magically reach an age and stop gaming? Stop something that is, and has been, your primary hobby? Perhaps your primary way of socializing?

    And, sadly, as you're probably aware -- as you age, your reflexes and response times DO slow down. Your competitive level tends to slow down. Your tastes -- in fun, as in many other things -- change. Keeping on building games that only cater to younger people means a huge demographic -- read: people willing to pay money -- is being overlooked.

    Hopefully devs will recognize this (as IS seems to have done) and seek to build a good fusion between the twitch mechanics the younger crowds are hooked on and the duller, more boring, slow mechanics that allow an aging population to remain viable.
  • An awsome idea IMO might be that the app the devs have eluded to that might be able to alow you to do mundane tasks from the app could also have a server news feed. Any major events being fed to your phone via the app. server 1st major changes at your home node, guild news etc. As the devs dont want the whole server knowing what is going on all over the map to encourage repeate exploration etc only news that would be broadcast server wide in game and news of your home node should be available this way.

    Just an idea :)
  • PJ, yes I love that idea and is what I was thinking as well.
  • Not being rewarded for playing less than others is not "punishment". You want more reward ,you play more.SMH at this new generation who wants "stuff" for afk play.
  • It's not necessarily getting stuff for free, for me it's not losing track of what's going on at my node as a citizen, a freeholder, and or world events. Obviously I would love to be on playing but at least I can maybe move my play times around certain main events.

    I did watch the Q&A with Dungeon Crawler Network and was pleased to hear there will be content for those with limited game play.
  • Hmm, I dont think the OP was eluding to being rewarded while not playing the game but more not wanting to miss important changes in the progression of the workd in which they are playing. In every period of history peoples had ways of keeping up to date with current affairs. town criers, vilage hall notice board, cave paintings etc. I actually dont think there is any harm in this kind of thing. I do of course agree that people should not be rewarded for afk play but as i mentioed I dont think the OP was requesting that.
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