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[US] The Shadowbane Vanguard [PvX, Crafting, RP friendly, Family Friendly]

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The Shadowbane Vanguard is a organization of individuals who see the reality of the world. In the deepest reaches of the world, there is danger, but there is also opportunity. The Vanguard believes in combating this evil but is also not averse to profiting from their adventures. They are a closely knit brotherhood of adventurers from all the known races, to join one must simply agree to adhere to the guild's code of honor, fight evil when they are able, and protect the less fortunate.


The Vanguards main sphere of influence will be in UnderRealm nodes, naturally. Our home node will certainly be situated in an UnderRealm node, with their influence extending to surrounding nodes through trade agreements, defensive alliances, and military expeditions, if needed. We will have outposts established at additional UnderRealm nodes (if this is feasible in regards to game mechanics) We will not be overly aggressive to other guilds, but an unprovoked attacked will be met with swift and decisive retribution.

<strong>Shadow Crusade</strong>

The Vanguard will be ever vigilant, and if a great evil tries to destroy them or their allies, a Shadow Crusade will be called. The paramount priority will be the destruction of this evil, until it is completed. This could be a dragon, undead army, or anything of the like. Alternately, If a nearby guild commits numerous atrocities against citizens and their neighbors, one such crusade might be called, though only in extreme circumstances. If a guild or a town from a far away land needs help with such an evil that would normally be outside of the realm of influence of the Vanguard, discussions of compensation will be considered.


<strong>High Imperator -</strong> The High Imperator Tridon is the founder of the Vanguard, and will attempt to rule it fair and justly. He will lead the guild as its leader, while having an Imperator council of senior leaders, each overseeing a specialization of the game, under his guidance.

<strong>Imperator of Commerce (Trading) - </strong>The Imperator of Commerce will oversee the local market, trade negotiations, and the guild Bank. They will work closely with the Imperator of the Forge to assure a healthy domestic economy of supply and demand.

<strong>Imperator of the Forge (Crafting) - </strong>The Imperator of the Forge is the leader of the artisans of the guild. Whether it be alchemy, blacksmithing, or anything in between, the Imperator of the forge will ensure the Vanguards products are top quality. Hopefully we will create our own infrastructure of gear crafting and even attract other guilds and players to buy our wares.
<strong>Imperator of the Domain (Politics) - </strong>The Imperator of the Domain is the primary person alongside Tridon that involves themselves in Node game politics.

<strong>Imperator of War (PvP) -</strong> The Imperator of War is the leader of the PvP encounters that the guild takes part in. Traditionally, this will consist of instanced pvp (presuming there is) and defending our caravans, but will also stretch into castle sieges, and node sieges if and when the time comes for a war.

<strong>Imperator of Defense (PvE) - </strong>The Imperator of defense will handle all PvE missions. (Think Raid Leader) There will be a scheduled time for raids, dungeons and the like.

<strong>Commander - </strong>These are the second highest officer position, and are to be treated with respect. They will have a strong grasp on their chosen area and will often be actively helping their respective Imperator with tasks.

<strong>Guardian -</strong> Guardians are veterans of the guild. They are the highest rank a person can achieve without going the officer track and should be respected and act respectful. These are long term members of the guild.

<strong>Tribune - </strong>A mid level guild member.

<strong>Legionary - </strong>The vast majority of the guild, they take part in all facets of the guild's activities. A long term legionary has a high chance of promotion.

<strong>Conscript -</strong> A new member of the guild, a minimum of one week will be given to new members to make sure they are a fit for the guild. If that time has passed, a conscript may ask an officer to promote them to Legionary, and if the officer sees no reason not to, they will.


Thanks for reading this far, a guild website will be created soon, and when it is I will update this post. I hope you are interested in joining the Vanguard, I hope to see you alongside me in AoC!

Guild Website:


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  • hey do you have a discord, I would like to have a talk with you over mic. if you do please let me know and ill be happy to hear from you soon.
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