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New Community Managers

Yaviey is doing great! But we're seeing alot of questions that have never been asked before, being completely ignored in discord and here on the forums.
Perhaps hire additional CM's to FOCUS on answering, or atleast telling people, when a question does not wish to be answered at this time?
People are getting frustrated with feeling ignored.


  • I feel you, so that's why I go around ensuring every post comes to my email and I ensure I answer the best to my abilities.
    I have a fair amount of free time.
  • Well that takes money to hire someone to sit down and answer question

    which takes away from money from game development/new forums!

    Also The person who answer question got to know the answer to the question which will take time to learn honestly the best thing is to have fellow community members like @irobot to answer questions that been said and relay the messages that been past out

    Another thing is the game is still Pre-Alpha theirs some question's that can't be answered yet because they haven't crossed the bridge to get to that park

    Trust me I would like all my questions to be answered unfortunately I'm one person with thousands of people

    Info down below!!
  • Probably just a lot of stuff they can't answer yet. They won't have time to reply to every question and say they can't answer it.

    It's going to take a while before we know lots of information. Let's face it, what we know so far has to be labelled subject to change. I also think it's a bad idea to be too free with the information so early in a game's development. Brad McQuaid was very open with answering questions on Vanguard ten or so years ago. That game never really lived up to the hype it got.

    I'd rather hear vague answer that keep a buzz going than see AoC suffer Vanguard's fate.

    The community also need to realise that so much could change. I do think Intrepid seem to be on the ball with knowing what will or won't work, but things can change. I see a fair few replies saying things have been confirmed, when I don't think anything can be called fully confirmed yet. Or should be, at least.
  • Also, may I point out that we are expecting new forums very soon, so there I hope we will have much more well sorted out and less buggy forums.
    The new forums will definitely need a extra couple of mods, which they could just tell people to volunteer if they have free time. this can avoid both paying idea and keep the forums neat and tidy.
  • Entitlement much?
    I don't get why people feel they deserve to be noticed right away. Half the questions are repeat questions and can be answered if the person would just do their own research.
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