AOC film series

In the last twitch Q&A, it was said that there's a plan to make AOC a franchise and i think one of the most effective way to make the franchise grow is by means of movies.
With the help of the node system the game, many different stories like development/destruction of cities and the rise of a hero can be told and all of these stories will be added to the history of the world in the game. With this in mind, series of movies can be created with these stories. The characters in this stories will be us, the players.


  • It could easily be made into a "player made historical document". Would be nice if someone recorded dates and times of major events and kept updating it as the game progressed. Even dates of when nodes progressed etc and guild politics and stats xD
  • They could release the server logs, then use them to recover/rebuild the game play.
    Then move the camera to any place any time.
  • That sounds like an absolutely delightful idea! Though I think TV Series would be more optimal than full fledged movies.
  • While I like the ideas in this topic, Idk, I wouldn't mind if they made books with a bunch of short stories of events that have happened in the game. Each story could have a player from the game as the main character, like the mvp of the event or the people who did the most for that event to play out as it did.
    Maybe stories of epic guild wars or a huge node event, just stories about the people and how the situation played out or something.
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