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LiveStream Combat Mouse Check!

Hello, all I just watched the LiveStream today I saw the combat system with the Mage but of course it still Alpha Stage.
What I saw is the Mage attack the monster but I also saw the Mouse cursor appear and disappear and it check on the monsters every time when the Mage attack.
So, my question is are they gong to stay like this or gong to change it? Because I kind of feel it going to be hard or annoying to play like this.

And also, I want to know where I can post a questions to let the developer to answer on the tweets?
Is it on the Tweets Chat or some where? And is there any other way to let the developer answer your question regard on the game?

Thank You.


  • You're stating the obvious, it wont be as it looks now in the future. Why people create topics like these? They even stated that it's unpolished and unfinished gameplay...
  • OK, I just want to make sure.
    And I didn't hear that part "unpolished and unfinished gameplay".
    I only hear still like Alpha Stage.
  • the combat looks amezing!
  • Its even pre alpha and alpha is unpolished mate
  • Its unpolished but the combat felt awesome. There is so much potential to use. They are doing a good job imo after see the last streaming
  • Ashes of Creation is in pre-alpha. Alpha means it's unpolished and unfinished. All polishing happens late beta. For now anything you see should be taken with a grain of salt, it's far from finished, that applies to the UI as well.
  • I understand the concerns , but like Atsukai its still in pre -alpha so their will be a lot of changes to the game as time progress for example the UI (HUD/action bars ) is just a simple thing for them to use their will be lot of customization to it later on when it becomes public

    hope this helps!

    Info below
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