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Hi from Australia (land of lag)

Hello from Australia, where 250ms lag is normal !

I'm looking forward to seeing how deep this game goes with both graphic appeal and content.
i've come from years of Wurm, Mortal Online, a bit of Neverwinter and more recently Arch Age then Black Desert for a year or so now, so this is looking pretty nice.
I've watched the progress of Shroud of the Avatar too .. and well.. anyway.. now I don't

I don't whine much about pay2win models kept under reign as it keeps the developing going and can help balance between players who have limited game time with those who have endless hours to grind.
I admire the ideal of keeping it out of the play as other indie games have done.
Trying to please everyone one and listening to the loudest community noise often ends up in a generic mess that dies off when the next better graphics engine game comes out.
As buggy as games like Wurm and Mortal Online have been over the years, their developers stuck to their vision and their unique gameplay, which is amazing, though I guess Notch from Wurm had a different vision and went on to make MineCraft, my kids love it but i prefer Wurm .

I'm no coder or programmer but I've been a GM for a game on the other side of the world before ( we dont get many GMs in our time zone ) so I understand trying to keep everyone happy can test your patience and resolve!

Anyway keep us in your thoughts down here as you develop your client-side with lag in mind !


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    There will be an Oceanic server so there's hope...
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    Welcome Traveler!!! from Australia Nice :P

    I'm totally excited for this game I played World of warcraft for 11 years it consumed my soul lol
    I've tried other mmos none of them really interested me like WOW did

    My opinion on pay 2 win = NO please xD

    How did you hear about the game?

    Info down below!!
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    Welcome fellow aussie come join us on the oceanic community discord!
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    Thanks Mr.C, JcTruper and Shunex.

    hard to believe I know but I've never played WoW for more than a few days, I spent some years between Wurm and Mortal Online, which was after I realised there was more to gaming than the consoles of my youth!

    I spotted the gameplay of this on here;

    I haven't managed to pay a lot of attention yet but if there's an Oceanic server ( I've heard that before - but yes please ) then it will top of my list !

    I'm still in love with Black Desert style non-Tab combo complex fighting so it will be a challenge to beat but the pre-alpha vid looks fun.

    Looking forward to more Aussies !

    Thanks for the welcome :)
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    Yep :P glad to be assistance!!

    WOW was not for everyone understandable :P

    AOC said their fighting is going to be a hybrid system , but I never really got into BDO to grindy lol also little hard to understand as well maybe just me though!

    Anyways Thanks for sharing :D !!
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    @Zarothan Your welcome :)
    I have never played WoW!!!
    Looking forward to low pings...
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