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Long Time Player, First time poster

Hello All,

First id like to say a little about me, as we all are slowly.

My name is Lance, i am full of Nonsenes ;)
I started playing MMORPGS many a moons ago.. i vaguely remember my brother talking about myths of people dying playing a game that was so addictive... I had to try it.. and ever since that day my life has been a blur.
I've played in many a games, some major hits, some sub-par.
Like all of us, i desire something new, something to remind me of the old times i had with long forgotten friends, which maybe ill one day find again? The chances are endless.
I've played games along the lines of Everquest.. Everquest 2.. Aion.. Tera.. ESO.. WoW.. D &D.. Neverwinter..
Some of my most fond memories however, came from two special games to me.
Rift and Warhammer Online..

Warhammer online (Xomnix) to me was an amazing game, however i battled for 1st and 2nd of the server in the High Elf-White Lion (MDPS) with this guy named Coholic, clan tag Elite.. the challenge was always there to be better, or learn something new with every update. It was later i found out how much i loved being a healer (warrior Priest) the look and feel of that toon in my eyes was powerful, yet a nice balance. The game overall was great, until we finally made it to endgame (frowned upon words in this MMO) when the servers could not handle the amount of players and would lag at the final fortress/city battles... for shame. As we know now, the game closed... I've been trying to get the re-awakening to work to maybe try to play the game again and feel the lore, and the overall decent game play.. with no luck

The second game i really enjoyed (before it went F2P) was RIF (Omnix)T. in this game i made a toon as a tank.. never really wiki'd anything nor did i really know what the hell i was doing, however i ended up with one of the better tanks on the server, with dozens if not hundreds of sever/world first before the merge. However, it was this merge that ended my fun. You see, i had work obligations and missed the overall plan for my guild, at the time it was Rift Raiders, to move, and to where they moved.. and that was a let down, i had no form of communication. and felt lost, and hopeless. with only one free move to a new server.. Needless to say i missed out on anything there after. Which ultimately led to me not playing the game and having nearly any fun with it... so i moved on sadly.

Hear me now, and feel my touch.
I am here to serve, and lend a helping hand.
Heals for the new, in the name of the old.
We shall walk this land, and cherish the ashes.
For the chance to Create, Is finally upon us.


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    Hihi. ????
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    Welcome to AoC!
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    I really couldn't name all the ones i've tried, failed, or succeeded. But I am happy new people post here every day its lovely to see the community grow
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    welcome mate, glad to meet you, join the hype train and it's a jolly good thing that you finally became a poster
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    Welcome to the community. Also wow player here for 12 years now ;).
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    How could i forget the days of Guild Wars! with a 55Hp Monk, powerleveling everything?! Guildwars 2, of course many FPS, Tom Clancy Games. and of course just about anything!

    Thank you all for the warm welcomes, i hope i can be of assistance to many, if not all people involved while this game grows before us.
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    Welcome Traveler!!!! Glad to have ya aboard the hype train!!!

    I'm JcTruper some people just call me Truper for sort or just "JC"

    I'm 21 years old and I'm a Hardcore gamer. I prefer playing video games that I can play online. But that's not to say that you can't find me playing a single player game offline. I'm pretty laid back about things. I'm just here to play and have some fun.

    Played World of warcraft for about 11 years! I tried other mmos like TERA , NeverWinter,BDO but wow pretty much consumed my soul lol

    How did you find out about ashes of creation?
    What do you hope to see in Ashes of creation?
    Have you back the kickstarter? ( if not no worry's your support is all that matters in the end )

    Info down below!! ( Want to dive in the community join the Discord link below! )
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    I found out about AoC, pretty randomly actually. I was bored at work watching Youtube... which is actually very normal.. why else would they pay me so well... to work? nah. and i forget which youtuber was talking about it (which happen to be the day the kickstarter started) and i just watched any video i could find, and google anything i could about it. I just fell in love with every idea they mentioned, and how it seemed to fill my heart with everything i was looking for in a game these days.

    I do plan to back the game, for sure. Just waiting closer to the end to see what else the game has to offer, and watch the excitement.
    Honestly, i dont know what i hope to see, even if its half of what they have said, im sure this game would be 10 fold over most of the other games out there, and i know the patches would probably be the other half they missed at start, with the Devs openness, and ambition, and hell the fact they play the games i love i have complete faith this game will be, hands down,

    - Wait for it-

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    Haha awesome glad to have ya along the hype train!! Thanks for sharing
    and I honestly agree This game is going to be amazing!
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    Hello and welcome to the community!
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