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Hello All!!

Hello friends,

allow me to introduce myself: I'm Patrick aka Neraki 33 years old, from Poland and a passional MMORPG Player.
During my life I came across alot of good and bad MMORPGS., but currently not playing since haven’t found one worth investing time.
I must say I’m very excited by the concepts and ideas that Ashes of Creation brings to the table. I really can’t wait to learn more and more until the game is finally released! I've waited many years for this kind of game.
I'm a backer on Star Citizen and AoC and i have great hopes with both titles.
Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself to all of you, and share my excitement for what I hope will be the next great MMO or two (if SC is finish ^^) of our time!

Have a nice day,


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