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Display resolution, aspect ratios, 3D, SLI/CrossFire, etc...

A little disclaimer: I don’t have much knowledge of game design and english is not my native language.

This is just kind of an all-encompassing-pointer.
Maybe it's super early, maybe it's too late ... I actually do not know at what point in the development of the game these things need to be implemented/considered.
I have been watching and rewatching pre-Aplha in game footages and how beautiful the world of AoC is: snow, fog effects, landsapes, SEASONS !!! Both graphically and in terms of art they are incredible, especially for an MMO.

So I thought how good those landscapes would look on a 21:9 monitor or even in an eyefinity/surround set up or in 3D, or in VR, etc...
I have played on a 21:9 aspect ratio once and wasn't able to go back to the "old" 16:9 ratio, 21:9 is kind of becoming the new standard for gaming so I do hope they will consider those things during development.


  • I think 21:9 is not rly a problem. The Unreal 4 Enginge is a Modern and good thing.

    SLI and Crossfire and Evefinity is important for me to.. I always play on 3 Monitor and i love it. And i use always 2 GPUs in Crossfire.. so i hope we can see a good SLI and CF support and a nice game that can use more dann 4 CPU Cores.
  • <strong>UI MUST BE SCALABLE to a certain extent!!</strong>
    Especially when playing on higher resolutions, it's nice that everything is esentially 'bigger' but if I can't read my chat or see my skills, that's pretty bad.

    Yeah, ultrawide is a must for me. I mean, it's 2017 people, there shouldn't really be a problem taking this into consideration. There are plenty of people who've already 'gearded up'. I'm fine with either ONLY scaling (creating the extra pixels) or more effective real estate, but that should depend on how much the difference would bein comparison to its 'smaller' sister 16:9.

    I personally don't need 3D. Depending on how well the game performs, controller support might be wanted.

    Bring it to Xbox and PS4?

    ~ Zention
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