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Very friendly MMO player here o/

I am very welcoming towards MMO games especially RPG ones but sadly many of them haven't been what i expected them to be so i almost gave up searching until found this game and i don't know what to say.. This game took my words out of my mouth :D

It simply looks AMAZING! And i love the no P2W factor and i really don't mind paying for it monthly just makes me happy that the developers have all the money they need to make excellent and wonderful game they really want.

I really hope i can go play it as soon as possible :)


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    Hello and welcome i see you're hyped for this game aswell i think this will be great and i hope the game will be a great experience for you :D
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    Welcome to AoC! Honestly I was not trusting Intrepid studios to deliver on their promises at the beginning of this month. But just reasearching and listening to the QA have changed my mind! I'm so excited for this game now!

    @meangamer I thought you had created this thread so I saw the word "friendly" then meangamer i was like uuuhh okay hahaha
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    :) Welcome to Ashes! I love it how transparent they are in the development of the game.
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    transparent, and just pure love for the genre! Welcome!
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    Lol love "Happy" especially when he teases Lucy just saying xD ( Huge Fan of Fairy tail )

    Welcome Traveler!!! Glad to have you aboard the hype train :)!!!

    How did you come across this game?
    What other mmos have you played before?
    What would you like to see in ashes of creation?

    Info down below ( want to dive into the community Join the discord :) )
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