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How Will PvP Zones be Enforced?

So as I see it bascially there are two ways enforce pvp zoning, by in-game mechanics, or "hard-coded" into the game. So Eve has a purely in-game mechanics system that controls pvp. And the other one is Albion where it is against the game logic to attack players in some arbitrary boundary around towns. (Now what I think AoC will do) The cross over would be where the controller of a zone could determine the pvp potential of the area they control, in AoC I think this will have to be node owners, but seeing as we don't have much information on any mechanics. My question will simply be what do you guys think is better. Personally I am for the game mechanics enforcing the zone types, it gives exponentially more player freedom, opens more roads for player storytelling and player driven development. For example I would be for a system by which a zones controller would be set up systems to hire and train NPC guards and set patrol times and routes and set the laws that they want enforced by those guards. This allows crafty player to craft crimes as an areas with higher (I am loathed to say security status, buts thats what I mean). It also could be a way for players to engage with the development of nodes focusing on combat. Ok longer than I wanted but yea.
Summation PvP switches are bad, thoughts?


  • I like the idea of yours of how the owners of the node could hire guards and patrols to enforce the laws the owners decide to enact. I hope Intrepid considers implementing a system like this.
  • Having the node owner enforce laws/setting them is a really interesting idea, but how would people be told what rules are enforced in that area? We are currently told that the nodes act as an invisible barrier between areas, you can patrol the whole one, maybe just around your city?

    My main problem is what I mentioned before, how do you know what you are allowed to do in a certain area? What if someone sets up the perfect PK region, and you stepover the border get a popup "In this area these laws are enforced....", and you are instant killed by some other player (if you look away from corruption score ofc).

    But damn that guard hiring thingy sounds real nice :)
  • Doesn't nodes have types? For example military node should automatically be full PvP (around or inside of it) when a let's say a farming node is a peaceful zone where you can harvest potatoes safely. So OP's idea could work!
  • [quote quote=2679]Doesn’t nodes have types? For example military node should automatically be full PvP (around or inside of it) when a let’s say a farming node is a peaceful zone where you can harvest potatoes safely. So OP’s idea could work!


    Neat idea.
  • @CosmicDragon
    Very nice idea/concept!! The Node's ruling class definetly decide the laws inside their respective Nodes. I would even go further. Why stop there, why not hire real players to enfore your Node's laws.
    Players, allowed to fight inside your Node, to protect and enforce your laws could wear certain uniforms, displaying the emblem of the Node's ruling class.
    Excempting them from the law as well as making them visable to other players.
    Since said guard has joined the Node's ruling class, he or she officially becomes part of the Node's family. So, let's say said guard is corrupt and fights the innocent, the Node's ruling class could enforce their laws upon him, taking his stuff or I don't know something like that, banning him from the Node...

    Or there could even be Nodes which are lawless, everyone kills everyone. That is the thrill of crime, that is what makes very Node, every encounter, so very exciting.


    So, there could be Nodes which are considered RED. Red Nodes are extremly dangerous, entering them is equal to suicide. Courageous adventurers might as well do so regardless of the warnings.
    Those Nodes could for instance be ranked by players via Forum, warning other adventurers..

    My thoughts..
    ~ Zention
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