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Mentor Leveling System. Again

The results of our endeavours are determined by three pillars IMO:
1. Luck - Those things that may or may not happen that we did not account for.
2. Skill - Identifying and controlling the variables that impact the efficiency of our actions.
3. Duality - The equations of physics that balances the results of all actions.

When we are a novice, we have little control and how well things turn out is variable.
Still, there is always the potential for fluke, or beginners luck.
Once we master something, the chances of achieving exactly what we want is almost 100%.
Only when we truly understand all the rules surrounding our art, do we finally master it.

Aside from this however, we recognise ways to overcome these failings by studying with others.
It is the teacher student relationship, that grants us the ability to sidestep dire consequences.
They steer us away from failure and help us do things the right way, to get the best result.

With these things in mind, I have endeavoured to model that reality.
It is simple, generic, scalable, reusable and flexible enough to be applied to any system.
It is a simple filter that determines the efficiency of our actions, through skill level.
It is part luck, part skill and part duality.

If someone is in your group, that is using the 'same' skill as you and has a 'higher' skill level than you; they are considered a Mentor.
The more mentors in your group, the more their guidance affects your performance while training.
The higher your level of mastery, the more the consequences of luck are replaced by skill or experience, but the harder it is to find masters above you.

1. In reality things can often go catastrophically wrong when learning new skills. Especially when left unattended and unsupervised. I would have preferred to be using negative efficiency. This way the opposite effect of an action can be empowered. It would become a dual-skill backfire system, rather than the considerably more subtle single-skill misfire system shown here.
Alas, as a risk vs reward system, its apparent many in the community have no stomach for risk. Things like friendly fire and enemy heals, simply dont appear to be tolerable, from what I can tell. I think this is a mistake, but its a community game at the end of the day.

2. Conventional systems have linear efficiency from 0% to 100%. Sometimes the baseline is shifted above 0%, so that the offset makes balancing easier. But its linear none the less. Normally such systems put player competitiveness from new to veteran in completely incompatible leagues. This system enables new players to punch as hard as veterans as it were. But their consistancy is no where near as reliable (except in the presense of mentors). Monsters and NPCs can be scaled up considerably higher to suit this raised new-player baseline. This also means such monsters and NPCs are no longer the trivial veteran encounters, that are typically the case in new player areas.
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