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About time! Probably the best ´new hera´ mmorpg in development.

Hello forum!

Daniel here, and i just want to say that is a Honor to be part of this community, was like a decade of waiting but finally someone decided to take the gauntlet and begin one of the most ambitious project of all time.

This Mmorpg is like a fancy restaurant recipe where the developers , like a group of skilled chefs, are adding content and ingredients from the best of the best , shaping them and trying to get the best result ever!

I really hope to be able to contribute with some nice ideas ( expecially from the merchant and tavernkeeper side hiihi) and i cannot be more thrilled to try this game , hopefully soon!

Greetings from Austria!



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    Welcome to our community friend!
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    Welcome Traveler!!! Glad to have ya on the Hype train!!!

    I'm JcTruper you can call me "JC" or "Truper" for short if you will like!!

    I'm totally stoked for this game as well and its so nice that someone is taking the ropes to make it a reality

    How did you find out about this game?
    What type of other mmos have you played before?
    What do you hope to see in Ashes of Creation?

    Info down below ( Want to dive into the community join the Community Discord link below )
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    Hello JC,

    thank you for the warm welcome!

    I have found out about this game from a Youtuber that i follow ( Lazy peon).

    The mmos i have played are not so many but i can tell you i was a real dedicate Ultima on Line player , i even created a map on my own of it. In UoL i was mainly a Tavern Keeper , cook fisherman . With some shady business like poisoning people with my food for money.. stuff like that. i played also wow for almost 10 years, tried GW2 .. with no success and also The Division ( if it can be considered a mod)

    What i hope to see in AoC is Animal taming and breeding system like UoL, as well as the possibility to be full time mercant or politician , and possibly also a proximity voice communication just like the division that , imho , is working like charm.
    And maybe i would like to have a class specialization that allow the player to use spells like charming, mind control, and similiar stuff that are like the Illusion/Conjurer specialization of elder scrolls games.

    Apart of that i like every single aspect of the game. but as i said i would be so happy if there will be the possibility to play as gatherer / merchant / politician just as old UoL times :)

    Btw i got a lot more ideas in mind as soon as i can put them down in a ordered topic i will create it :)


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    No Problem always happy to welcome a new member!

    I found out from Lazy Peon as well a Friend posted it on facebook and I Watch it from there that was before the kick starter launch!

    Poisoning people That sounds like fun xD Never played UoL, but if you can poison people I might look into it lol!
    I played WOW for 11 years tried other mmo's and it just didn't interest me like WOW did. I played the division ehh to grindy lol

    They did say Animal taming and breeding system is going to be a thing , but I don't know how UoL did it.

    I think they said proximity voice may be a thing.

    Mind control would be cool I love the WOW priest Mind control xD had alot of fun with that!

    Their will be player Owned Taverns!!! where you can sell stuff and their could be gambling in your Tavern where you get a cut of the profit :P

    Oh I totally interested in theses idea's of yours :P

    Thanks For sharing!!! Glad to have you aboard the hype Train!!

    Info down below! ( Want to dive into the community Join the discord )
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    Hello and welcome to the community!
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