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Just found this game, can you guys share a bit of info?

So, i just found this game while looking for a new game to "call home" i have been playing online games since 2003, the first one was shadowbane and one of the 3 best MMO experiences i had since i play these type of games... After that, i played dozens of them.

As i said i just found Ashes of creation and a couple of other similar games recently, and decided to check on the community for some info. Now, i have looking at the game overview and gameplay several times, and read the faq, but i think asking directly to the community is much better.

With so many failed expectations over the years, and along with it, a lot of money wasted, i usually dont jump right in to the hype train anymore, so im more caucious about my choices now. I know many, many of you are totally hooked by it and i dont want to offend anyone.

That being said, i would like to know a few things: Is the map entire open world? and how big is it? And are the player homes in game world for all to see or are instanced? Asking this because from what i see from the housing system, its what it looks like

Usually i tend to choose games with a low fantasy setting but AoC have many things that i love, mainly sandbox, open world, good crafting and lots of pvp (not really sure how good crafting is, or how deep it is)

Can i build anywhere? if i wanted to RP a hunter and make a hunting cabin in the middle of the woods, is that possible?
How deep crafting is? can we be masters in some areas or just one? And is the economy totaly player driven?

Please be polite and constructive, just trying to figure how the game is, i want to invest in a good and solid game where i can come home from work and relax, i have a few games similar to this one who catched my eye, and i will pledge and spend a bit of good money in the right one for me. Thank you all


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    Hey there, you can check this out for info: <a href="">Link</a>
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    Howdy!!! and Welcome traveler!!!!

    I can understand the skeptical considering how Most mmo for years treat their fan base
    I suggest you take a look on this <a href="">link here </a> Hopefully that ease your mind a little

    Alrighty then..... moving on 1 down :)

    Is the world Open world I assume so! Their hasn't been a leak on how big the map going to be the best I can give you is a picture of a video of the map

    <img src="" alt="" />

    There are three types: Static housing (within the node), instanced node apartments, and open world land ownerships “freehold” (building your own). You may acquire blueprints for structures to be built on the land you may claim such as home, stables, crafting stations, etc.

    Static housing - There will be a finite number of houses per node. You can build a house in the early stages development of a node and reap benefits from it if that node progresses into later stage. Houses will grow along with the node and are open world.

    Instanced housing/“Apartments” - Basically housing for politics within a node. Houses for government and other political housing.

    Open world land ownerships/“Freeholds” - You will lay claim to a piece of land out in the world. On that land you will have space to build a home, grow a farm, build all kinds of different workstations and so much more.
    When players claim plots of land out in the world, they will be able to construct different types of buildings on that plot. Some of those types are social buildings such as an Inn, or tavern. These buildings allow the owner to sell certain consumables that enhance a player's abilities in game. Most of these consumables are only purchasable from these buildings. There are few consumables that can be carried on your character. But we are still testing this idea

    Crafting Their is 3 category's for this

    Gather - find the material herbs/ ore veins skins from animals etc....

    Processor- Process the Gather materials to make for example String or iron bars from the ore

    Crafter - Takes the process goods and crafts items example armor weapons and so on

    You can only spec into one tree Gather/Processor/Crafter
    This game is going to be more community base then working alone base!

    So if you want goods! you gotta find people do theses steps!

    Hope this helps!

    info down below ( want to dive into the community join the discord link below )
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    Thanks both for the help and info, this will help me make a decision, i will take a look at those links
    Again, thank you.
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    Yep Glad to be assistance also glad to have ya aboard the hype Train Feel free to message meh on discord if you have any other concern ill try to answer if I can!!!
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    Hello and welcome to the community! Hope you find what your looking for. Time will tell but I and many others are really excited to see this game come to fruition.

    Where ever you go, there your are!

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    Super helpful links and data. I have been monitoring the KickStarter after backing for a few weeks now and this answered some of my questions. I don't always have all the time I'd like to look into this. I am thrilled about this game. Thanks for being an awesome community!
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    @Hawknight Thanks for Backing the kickstarter Glad to have ya aboard the hype train!!

    May I suggest you take a look at this post
    <a href="">here</a>

    I made this post for people who felt a little skeptical about backing the kickstarter, although you already backed the project Which is Great!! Their is still info that you may like to know!

    Hope this helps! If you have any other Questions feel free to post on another topic ( you created ) Tagging me Example @JcTruper I should get a notification on my email Hopefully xD Or just find me on the discord and PM I have the same name!

    Info down below! ( Want to dive into the community join the Discord)
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