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What I would like to see( Paper dolls, inventory and the general aesthetic)

Firstly i would love to see them add a Paper doll for appearance, one that is separate from armor you are wearing. With this i would like them to include an enchantment stone which makes this visible. Higher quality enchantments offer you longer periods of time when your "look" is visible. These stones should be player creations via enchanting. It would also provide a gold sink because you wont be selling the gems used to create the stones and they have a time limit.

Please dont make our inventory slot so minimal that it becomes a problem. I hate spending more time on Inventory management than playing the game. I personally think AO did this best because you could put bags within bags which offered a great amount of space in the long run. You had a finite set of inventory slots in AO but you could put bags in those slots thereby expanding your inventory.

As for general Aesthetics i want to see everything from the late Roman empire to the renaissance. Lots of different styles of clothing from all over the world. Indians trousers to Chinese style silks to European style clothing from the time period. Maybe even add some new styles to represent the races in the game.


  • I agree with you on the inventory management, sinking time rearranging stuff is a big turn-off. As for the aesthetics part, i recently watched a Q&A with Stephen Sharif, the creative director of the game, and he seemed bent on making every PC look different and feel "one of a kind" so hopefully clothing will be pretty diverse.
  • My understanding of the inventory system is that weight will be far more of an issue than the number of slots. This is to encourage the use of the caravan system.

    As the devs have no interest in pay to win cash shop., they will only have asthetics in their cash shop so making it easy to use said asthetics would seem tantermount to the cash shops success. So don't wory I think you will be well catered for in that respect.
  • Inventory management will be a problem or you wouldnt use the caravan system.
    The caravan system is the tool for the mass transport of goods.
    Its what drives the whole game.
    It would be broken if you could bypass it.

    You can of course use a mule.
  • Steven did say that bags will be artisan made, so I'm guessing they will be progressive in inventory slots and cost.

    My spectulation is that well will have beginner bags, but all that is to be seen.
  • well one solution to encourage caravan usage is to not make us able to carry beyond a certain amount of Goods. so maybe 100 pieces of ore, 100 plants and the like. Or we could have to do our gathering with our donkey to make that more viable.

    I am totally okay with needing to use crafted bags of varying sizes, but if we have a wieght limit why have any size to bags. just set the weight and whatever we can fit in is what we can fit in.
  • Like everyone is saying Theirs need to be a limit or the Caravan will be useless!

    You lost me at the enchanting part, but the Paper doll for like transmog? if so it would organize thing alot better for sure , but then again I was fine with WOW Transmog system just my opinion

    As to looks of gear I agree 100% that would be really cool to see history of Gear in this game :P
  • Steven said in one of the Q&As that caravans would have other uses besides just transporting personal goods. And by putting a weight limit on what we can carry i think that eliminates any need for Inventory slots. Say we can carry 50 Kilos does it really matter if it takes 2 items to equal that or 200 smaller items. Inventory isnt only the bag space either their is bank space and freehold storage as well, all of these things will have to be balanced. Some restriction must be put into place i just dont want to spend all my time running back and forth managing my inventory. I am sure they will come up with something.

    I did intend to have a separate paper doll for cosmetics. IMHO it should have more slots than the Gear paper doll. you should be able to layer gear and have more jewellery pieces. It wouldnt be a transmog system in that you dont change the appearance of the gear you are wearing it just shows the cosmetics you want to display. The enchanting was for a time limited "stone" that allows you to show your cosmetics. When the time runs out on the stone you need to get a new one to show your "looks" again. I think this would add a gold sink to the game as well as remove some gems that you would otherwise sell or use for something else.

    I would like to see as little stuff in this game come from NPCs and more from crafters. Kind of like an EVE Online system where everything in the game has to be collected ,processed and crafted by players. Mind you i have some ideas on how i would like to see crafting done as well by that is another post.
  • Camera Smoothing. I am so tired of games not caring about camera fluidity anymore. It's something that can make or break a game.
  • I like the idea of an encumbrance system. I mean really if your going to carry 72k in gold pieces you should have a couple loaded wagons or a ship or something. My other fav is people carrying 22 sets of armor and 17 other weapons around, Then swimming!
  • @catlover47 Pretty sure they mention it will have a wide arrange of options for camera

    @Kadin Ikr lol
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