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Hello friends :3

I just heard about Ashes of Creation two days ago. The game really reminds me of Archeage, which was my first major MMORPG. I love the world and lore behind this game and I'm hoping to make lots of friends up until and very long after it's release


Senpai Zenpai~


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    Never mind, I came way to late to the kickstarter party. Didn't know about the game until friday, Just got started my first job on Wednesday... not gonna have the money to pledge anything... guess i wont be playing this game, i kinda wanna cry now
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    You can still play without pledge xD Always opportunities to win alpha keys etc on the forums and streams ^^ When game launches too it'll be subscription base but you can always sign up :D
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    Yup, you can join us later on when you have funds available :)
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    Welcome Traveler!!! Glad to have along the Hype Train!!!!

    Even if you can't support the Kick Starter your support as a player is good enough!
    Can't make a mmo if you have no players to play it!

    How did you hear about Ashes of Creation?
    What other mmos have you played?
    What do you hope to see in Ashes of creation?

    Info down below! ( Want to dive into the community join the Discord
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    Yeah, I'll definitely be playing when I can, was just really hoping for that lifetime subscription. My first experience with subscription based game went pretty bad (ended up not being able to play for 3 months which turned me away from the game because I fell behind the rest of my friends)

    I heard about Ashes through Nocht and Cryy, always watching their videos for new stuff :D

    Games I've played there's a bunch but some of my main games (in order of longest play time): Wizard101 (Life Wizard), Vindictus (Lynn), Archeage (Caretaker, Vit, Song, Def), Tera (priest), Blade and Soul (Force Master). I love healing if you couldn't tell, been addicted since I started W101 back in 2008.

    As for what I hope to see in Ashes, I hope to have the ability to create younger looking characters with possible height and weight sliders ( I like to be as short and skinny as possible whilst still being anatomically correct). I also would like for there to be ways to level outside of combat there are potentially just as effective. Most MMOs seem to think all people want to do is go fight some big baddy in a cave. All I want to do is sit in a city, cook and talk to friends... and maybe throw out some heals if I'm asked nicely. :3

    But as of right now, Ashes of Creation is the only game that has my attention, I hope that it can keep it. Revelation online got ruined for me thanks to getting my first job last week, scheduling during all the major prime time events. but that's not gonna deter me from the MMO world, been playing MMOs for almost a decade now, that's half my life and I'm not gonna give it up so easily :D
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    Yeah I hear that once you get left behind its a little hard to catch up to their lvl because all games are fun when your playing with a friend!

    lot games their I played Tear for about 6 months (f2p) played WOW for 11 years it pretty much consumed my soul xD
    a Fellow healer Woot xD

    I'm pretty that will come to reality in Ashes of creation lvling up through professions
    And the character Customization look up BDO
    <img src="" alt="" />

    Haha Yeah I hear ya I'm been on a down streak of games lately nothing have really gotten my interest like they use to!
    Besides this game! this game is going to be Sick!! Can't wait so Excited!!
    Played Revelation online eh the eastern mmo kinda killed it I guess but their were some features I did really enjoy about the game like being able to pick up your friend!!! when he goes afk so nice xD

    But anyways Thanks for sharing!!!! Glad to have ya aboard the hype train!! Good luck with the job!

    info down below!! ( Want to dive into the community join the discord)
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    Hello and welcome to the community!
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