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  • Website: Http://aocthenameless.enjin.com Style: Semi-hardcore. PvX Program: Teamspeak (Discord at a later date when numbers go up). Guildex Profile: http://aoc.guildex.org/view-guild/16723 Twitter: Http://www.twitter.com/AoCTheNameless We are a US/Canada based guild. The Nameless is a guild formed by a core group of gamers who got together in roughly 2005 and decided to branch out and form our own little community. It’s usually remained that way – no matter what game we decided to tackle – but with Ashes of Creation coming, we decided to branch out and make our little community better. We plan on taking a different approach in Ashes of Creation than we typically do. We will tackle PvE content. We will delve into dungeons and raids and see what they have to offer, do whatever we can to take down those bosses, but we will also be active on the PvP side of the game. While we may not go crazy and declare war on guilds, we will be swords for hire. Need help overthrowing the governing power of a node during a siege? Or, maybe you need help defending during a siege? Whoever has the heaviest purse will get our help. Our guild joining could make the difference at the end of the day. (Of course, this is with us knowing little about how sieges and the like will work. Things may change once more information becomes available). The game is coming out in a few years, but we want to get a head start on creating a guild for Ashes of Creation. Ideally, we would love to hit launch with about fifty members, more would be great. Recruiting this early allows new members to get to know us, and each other, through TeamSpeak. There’s really no better way to forge a bond than through gaming together. We don’t expect you to be on TeamSpeak every second of the day. We get it. You work, you have kids, you have stuff to do. But at least try to be somewhat active, if anything at least posting on the forums to let us know you’re still alive. (The site is new now – so forums obviously are too. We never needed a website before. But I assure you – we do check the forums!). What we are searching for: 18+, since we’re all pretty old to begin with. We want dedicated members who desire a relaxed atmosphere to have fun in. Absolutely no people who rage and scream. Most importantly, searching for people to bring into our core to help build our little community to a bigger one. It will be a long process to get the guild ready for Ashes, and new members will trickle in and out. We want those who will stick, and ride the journey with us. If you are impatient, or expect 50 people on TeamSpeak – don’t apply. We just don’t have those members. Yet. I hope this wasn’t too long! If you’re interested, stop by the website and throw an application up. Don’t worry too much about the class you’ll play, just fill that section with whatever for now. And don’t be lazy. Half-filled application will be rejected. We want members who really want to help us make something great, not people who will disappear in a day. Applying this way allows us to track new members and keep a tab on things – a must. Thanks, everyone, and see you in game!
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  • Also wanted to clarify - we <em>will</em> be raiding and doing dungeons. We LOVE PvE content - not just PvP. Dungeons will be run all the time, and we love to help each other no matter the content. It's hard to say exactly what we will prioritize since we don't know much about the game yet, but believe we will be doing this.

    Like to RP? Come on in. We don't RP, but I and a few others are down now and then. Roleplaying raids anyone?
  • Gotten a few new members, which is awesome. Still looking for people who want to get something great going. I know it's early... but we can do it! Lets hit launch hard! Hope to get to meet a few more of you soon.

    P.S. Thank God these forums are going away. I'm tired of my posts being eaten by the big mean forum machine :<
  • seronic said:

    P.S. Thank God these forums are going away. I'm tired of my posts being eaten by the big mean forum machine :<
    lol at least they fixed that glitch with the new forums. So yeah, guys, don't be shy to ask questions and join our guild.
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    Website: http://thenamelessguild.com/
    Style: PvX
    Twitter: Http://www.twitter.com/AoCTheNameless
    Program: Discord

    We are a US/Canada based guild.

    The Nameless is a new community hoping to gain some traction in Ashes of Creation, and in other games. Each member is an integral part of the community that allows it to grow. Without them, the community can’t exist. The Nameless is a place to spend your spare time and enjoy yourself – no drama, no BS.

    Connect with us.

    What we are searching for are members who want to help build the community from the ground up, and who will be patient while we get the community to where we want it to be. Members will trickle in and out, and that's normal, but we want those few who will stick. Five will turn into six, and eventually into ten, and so forth. Slowly raising our numbers allows us to better know each other, bringing forth a better core of gamers.

    It will be a long road to get the community to where it has to be, but it's possible. I'm sure there are people out there just itching for a place to call home, and we're hoping The Nameless can be that place.

    Interested? That's good! Check out our website to learn more about us and how to join our community.

  • Our goals in Ashes of Creation.

    The Nameless will be a mercenary style guild in Ashes of Creation. No matter what you need, we will be ready to offer our aid - if the price is right. Need help defending a node during a siege? Or maybe you require our aid during a siege? Either way, the top bidder will get our help. That should provide for an interesting style of gameplay, and in a way, it will help to built the community on whichever server we choose.

    Raids/Dungeons/Other PvE activities.

    The Nameless will definitely be raiding, as well as doing a ton of dungeons. PvE is a huge focus of our guild, and we are sure there will be people online at all times to run dungeons, explore the world, or really anything related to PvE at all times. Simply put - we love PvE content.

    But what about crafters? Or casual players?

    Crafters are definitely welcomed! With how intricate the system will be in Ashes of Creation, we will want as many crafters as we can get. Casual player are also more than welcomed inside the community. Ashes of Creation will have so much to offer, and for us to close our doors to casuals would be a huge error. Just because someone is casual doesn't mean that person can't offer anything to the guild. We want The Nameless to be a home for all types of gamers, from the hardcore elite player, to the casual player.

    Everyone is welcomed!
  • State of the Guild – 25/06/2017

    A weekly update to how things are going within the guild. I will keep this extremely short, since I don’t want to bore you all to death.

    Things are going well in The Nameless community. We’ve welcomed three new members this week, TimeWarped and Christan, both part of the Ashes of Creation community, as well as Iconiy, who will be part of our Diablo community. The Nameless is a community for any game, and so we welcome all kind of players who want a place to call home.

    It will take time for our community to get the members it needs to sustain itself, but together we can make it happen. Ashes of Creation is still several years away, which gives us a lot of time to built a great core for launch. Joining our community now is the perfect time. By not having so many people, you get to know everyone and grow with us. Sometimes a bigger community can be intimidating to new comers, and though we thrive to be there one day, for now we are where we are.

    We’ve decided to delve back into World of Warcraft to build another side of our community. The guild is new, but we welcome those who also play WoW and would like to join us there. We play on the Cenarius-US server. Don’t want to transfer? No problem! With all the technological upgrades Blizzard has put in the game, we can still do everything a normal guild can without being on the same server.


    All are welcomed to join our Community – simply check out our website and apply.

  • State of the Guild – 30/06/2017

    Weekly update for the community!

    More members, more problems! I think that’s the saying. In any case, we’ve added several new members into the community this week. Goblynn, FatVEGAS, Intheshadow, Jeff, and WildWolf. Some play WoW, others Diablo, others are waiting for that perfect game to release to catch their attention. In any case, the community has seen a steady stream of active members.

    Our community is slowly growing, which is exactly what we hoped for when we created The Nameless. Slow growth allows each new member to connect with the members already within the community. Together we can make this work!

    I’d also like to welcome a new Officer into the The Nameless – DdogCorps. He will be helping with some of the everyday things needed to run a community, and heavily following the Diablo-side to the community.

    As for Ashes of Creation, the game may still be several years away, but the community is very alive. We hope The Nameless can be that home for you, as we will surely be ready to brave the new world the moment the game is finally released!

    All are welcomed to join our community – simply see our website to learn how to join!

  • So what's your name?
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    So what's your name?

    What do you mean?

    EDIT: woooow. I am such an idiot LOL. That's the mystery of it... There is no name ;)
  • State of the Guild – 07/07/2017


    Too many people have joined The Nameless in the past week for me to name them all. I’m not even going to try. Welcome to everyone who joined us!

    We’ve decided to branch out to Heroes of the Storm, with Iconiy as the Lead taking charge over that division. We are a multi-gaming community, and so it’s nice to see another side of our community come alive and thrive with new members. I hope next week I can announce even more growth!

    Interested in joining our community? Check out our website to learn how to join! It’s really easy, I promise. Really it is.

    For the Ashes of Creation community – I know the game won’t be out for several years, but why not find a place to call home? The Nameless can be that home in the mean while. I try not to spam the forums by bumping my thread everyday, and I feel these weekly updates give insight about the goings of the community for everyone to see.

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