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Greetings all!
I heard about this game from a friend. It sounds very interesting so I thought I would back it. I chose the Founder level.

Looking forward to all the new adventures waiting for me.



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    Welcome! I am new here too :D
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    Welcome Traveler!!!!! Thanks for backing the Kick Starter !!!!
    and Welcome aboard the Hype train as well!!!

    How did you hear about Ashes of Creation?
    What other mmos have you played?
    What do you hope to see in Ashes of creation?

    Info down below! ( Want to dive into the community join the Discord)
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    Thank you for the warm welcome!

    I heard about Ashes of Creation from guildie in another game. He provided me with a link and I was immediately interested. Enough so I decided to contribute to Kickstarter.

    What do I hope to see in Ashes of Creations? Something different! Most RPG MMO's are the same to some degree. But the part I am really curious to see is how the world will change based on the player's interactions. I've only listened to a couple of the live streams and what I'm hearing sounds really good. I am curious to see how well a person who doesn't mind soloing will fair in this world. I enjoy grouping but there are often times I would prefer to do things on my own. Especially after a stressful day at work.

    As for other games, I've played over the years they are but not limited to: World of Warcraft (my first MMO) Everquest, Everquest 2, Horizons, Rift, Star Wars Old Republic, and currently play Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues. I think that's all of them, well, at least the ones I'm willing to admit too... lol
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    Welcome to the community! o/
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    No problem!!!

    Nice!!! I found out about this game from a friend posting a video on facebook about 2 week before the kickstarter it was from the youtuber "Thelazypeon"
    And I was pretty much stoked about the game started saving cash :D

    I suggest you check out theses videos ( links below ) if you haven't it will explain the changes of the world a bit more! :D
    Also Soloing you will be able to do probably not as well as in a group but you will probably still get stuff done for example professions start working on leveling those skills up ( or move your furniture in your home or add new ones :D )

    A fellow WOW player glad to have ya aboard this journey :P

    I played wow for about 11 years it literally consumed my soul!! I tried other mmo's but I didn't stay long in them because it didn't grab my interest like WOW did and other MMO's you are not willing to admit HM xD

    Thanks for Sharing!!! Glad to have ya aboard the hype Train!!!

    Info down below! ( Want to dive into the community join the Discord)
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    H Y P E T R A I N
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    Welcome to the Ashes of Creation forums!

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