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I am a Braver of Worlds on Kickstarter and it says that i should have access to Closed Alpha - Phase 1. I saw some videos on youtube and i discovered that it is already on ? How can i have access ?
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  • The gameplay shown was by the Developers, also your payment wont go thru until June 2 which means that we would see our keys sometime after that date. Their is no testing so far other than what they are doing at Intrepid. Keep following the forums and lets pay attention around June 2.
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  • @Oceanos I believe the closed alpha phase 1 is planned on or before Dec 2018.
  • Howdy! the alpha and beta are not currently out I linked a video to help you understand everything down below. Cheers and thanks for backing the project :P

    <a href="">Deathsproxy video explaining alpha/betas etc.... </a>
  • Hi, @Oceanos

    As the above people have stated the game is still under development and is currently not in any form of alpha. you may gain access through the weekly drawing raffle, <a href="" target="_blank">Information to be found here</a> the invite only alpha stage is planned for Q4 2017 that is the earliest alpha that people can get into :)
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