The Tal'darim (PVE/PVP, slight RP) EU

"Before we became The Chosen, we were The Forged. And we can never be broken."

(All who played the famous starcraft games from Blizzard may know this Quote as well as the guilds name origin)

The Tal'darim is more than a guild it is the accumilation of many under one banner to reach what is impossible alone and found a whole country to rule.
We will make sure to be one of the major powers with our own metropolis!
But what we need for that are members and thats were you come in play, you could be one of the many who make this dream reality!
So join us and become together a power to be reckoned with!

I know many people think it is to much of a hassle to join a guild with so much ambition when they actually just want to play casual, but that is not a problem here. If there are enough members it is not needed for every member to be active for hours and hours because they can be replaced, so casuals as well as hardcores are in the right place.

Our plan is to build a city as soon as possible , to be able to grow early and get one of the few metropolis positions per server.
There are no actual rules to follow, just play to have fun and contribute however you want.

This guild is (at least the founding members) only consitsting of elves, which is intended. That does not mean we only take in people who are elves but we appreciate elve players, because the city will be elve themed and the players should reflect that.
We want to be a group of people which master all trades, that means we need people who focus on special aspects and get positions which go along with these. For example if you want to be a master blacksmith and you have the skill to back that up you will be awarded with the rank of Master Blacksmith in our guild and will be responsible for all the smiths in our territory.
So it does not matter if you are bad at PVP or bad at fighting in generel as long as u have a skill that brings our guild a step closer to our goal of becoming STRONG you can easily become a high ranking member.

A simple "i would like to join" under this post with maybe some information of what your plan for the game is (like race, occupation, class and so on) is enough to join.
We welcome anyone over 18 so do not be shy and join the sooner the better, there are always perks for the ones who act early ;)


  • DeadlyDeadly Member, Alpha 1 Stress Test alpha-stress-tester
    Sounds good, do you have a website / discord?
  • RaconRacon Member
    No, not yet atleast.
    Just founded the guild with some friends and wanted to see how things develop and if there are people who are interested.
    As soon as these factors seem to be working out as i hoped i will create a website as well as a guild only discord.
    Since the actual release is far in the future i hope that you understand ^^
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