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Hello from all over!

I have showed a lot of my brother and sister in arms this brand new amazing game here while we are spread out all over the world. I can't wait to get my hands on this game and spend hours doing the various things. I'm probably gonna need to set alarms for things like eating and sleeping.


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    lol bro do you even opsec? jkjk

    Welcome to Ashes!
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    Hello and welcome! ❤️
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    Yea I opsec pretty hard lol
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    I'm trying to get some buddies over too but they're more into the FPS crap

    But i'll fish me a few.
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    Hey a few is all you need in ready to go and build a guild with that sweet dd214 right next to me
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    oh yea? damn i got a few years to go before i'll see that golden ticket
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    Haha, welcome man ;)
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    Welcome Traveler!!! glad to have you aboard the hype Train!!!

    How did you find out about this game?
    Have you played other mmos before?
    What do you hope to see in Ashes of Creation?

    Info down below! ( Want to dive into the community Join the discord! )
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    Well my friend and I were surfing around face book and saw the pre alpha footage and from there we found ashes. The main thing I'm looking forward to is seeing the diffrent races and what they have to offer. I'm a big fan of two handed weapons with heavy armor. I love dealing massive amounts of damage while being able to be a wall for my friends. I have played black desert and WoW
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    Nice!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Glad to have a fellow WOW player!

    I found this game from "Lazypeon" Before the kickstarter launched and fell in love with it as I learned more!

    So assuming you be a Tank/Fighter in this game :D

    Glad to have you aboard the hype Train!!
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    Did I hear DD 214? I am a veteran myself, welcome to AOC!

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    Hahahaha not yet I have 3 months after this deployment then I'm out. 5 years as field artillery has been fun
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