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Class/race combination min/maxing

Let me just start off by saying I love when games give you tons of customization possibilities like they plan to do with ashes. One giant issue I have with a lot of games that offer huge amounts of choice and customization is that many times all of that free reign is actually just the illusion of choice.

With 8 classes and secondaries that gives you 64 class combinations. Add the 8 definite races, that jumps to 512; 576 if we get our 9th race.

Something that worries me greatly tho is that even tho we have an absolutely beautiful 576 possibilities, due to racials and racial stats are we going to see it boil down to more like 128 viable pvp/pve options with 448 noob traps and RP only combos.

Don't get me wrong, 128 options is still a lot of options, but I feel like you shouldn't HAVE to research a game before you hop into it, and that 448 "you picked wrong because you didn't read up on viable class/race combos" is a lot.

How do you think they are going to keep ever class/secondary/race combo viable within a certain margin of each other? Or do you think we will see an illusion of choice scenario if you want to be competitive in any sense?
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