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A question with some history.

Hello devs,
I have recently come upon your game via a guy in the MxM beta. I would absolutely love a chance to be in your alpha to help make it as good as possible. I, unfortunately do not currently have $500.00 to get access to it, but please hear me out.
I have been a gamer my whole life, I'm 34 now, and started playing games back when Atari was the only console out. I was poor and neglected by my mother. My mother left my father when I was about a year old. My mother stayed in her room almost all day almost everyday. My sister and two brothers and I had to make our own dinner almost everyday. Yes, it was macaroni and cheese and hot dogs most of the time. Not only because it's all we had, but its also almost the only thing we could make other than sammiches.
So, video games became my "parent" so to speak. I spent more time gaming than I did with my own mother. I played games on every system to date, and have been rather good at most. In-fact, I was ranked #1 in the world in the End of Nations beta/alpha. My team was also undefeated in halo 3, we even beat the Bungie sponsored team 50 to 15 in 4v4( I scored 35 kills that game).
When world of Warcraft came out I was reluctant to play it. I had never played an MMORPG before, but had played several RPGs before it, except for Phantasy Star Online. I decided to give it a shot when it was late in Burning Crusade. I then fell in love with the MMORPG genre. I have often thought about creating an MMORPG because I too felt there is something missing. I have played several MMORPGs, and been in several Alpha/Betas. To name a few alpha/betas I have been in: Aion, Tera, Riders of Icarus, Blade and Soul, Guild Wars 2, Wildstar and more.
I also played all of them after the betas. I tried to give as much feedback as possible. I not only told them things that I felt needed fixing, but also what I felt they were already doing right in the game. In Wildstar I begged and begged them to fix the silly things they were doing that I felt would make the game flop, look what happened with it..... They didn't take any of my advice at all either.
About 2 years ago now I got some marination in my eye at my place of work. It contained raw chicken. Consequently I have been rendered roughly 85% blind. The neural opthamologist I went to see insisted my condition was hereditary and had no idea that getting raw chicken in your eye can cause what happened to me to happen. However, she said if it was hereditary, then I would have a protein in my blood that could be tested for. I got it tested, and guess what? No protein. She still swore it was impossible even though the American Association of Opthamology says otherwise. I am seeing another neural opthamologist soon. So, because of her my lawyer dropped my lawsuit for now, and I can't get it back unless another doctor says it's not hereditary.
Anyway, I am trying to get on disability, because I can't work due to my many many issues with my eyes. We all have heard the horror stories with disability...... So, my family and I, especially my wife, have been struggling non stop for 2 years. We, now live in low income housing, and are only able to make all our bills if we get donations.
So, I don't have the $500.00 I would love to throw down on kickstarter to have lifetime access to your game and get access to the alpha. However, I promise that I will slam down that $500.00 on there the day after I get my disability approved(and it will be, it's just a matter of time). The guy from services from the blind even wrote a letter of recommendation for me.
I am stuck at home all day almost everyday. I can no longer drive, can barely see well enough to walk, am constantly tripping, and can barely read. However, the illuminated screen of my computer allows me to see things much much better. So, I play games a lot and watch a lot of youtube.
So, I ask you this: Can I please be given access to the alpha and betas to help your game reach it's maximum potential for free for now? Just until I get my disability check. I promise I will get the $500.00 package because I do want to play your game for life. I honestly fell in love with it while watch a video about it for the first time. I feel it will been my home away from the suck that is my life. I know I can be a valuable asset in the alpha/beta phases. I know I can help you all make the game better and give you feedback coming from a 29 year gamer. I want to help make Ashes of creation the best possible home away from home it can be. Please let me help you all! Please!
An almost blind and very poor gamer


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    Please, no trolls here. This is from me solely to the devs. I have it hard enough and do not need the negativity. Even if the answer is no, a response of no would be far more appreciated than no response at all. Tank you again.
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    Furthermore, I want you to know I come to you as someone who wants to look for bugs/ways to help improve Ashes of Creation and not as someone merely looking to play it.
    I understand the purpose of an alpha and beta. So, I feel I would be an asset and will do hours and hours of work for you for free, until I purchase my kickstarter package once my disability is approved, which should be in late July.
    a poor gamer who wants to help!
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