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Kickstarter Reward Specifics?

Does anyone know more specifics about the rewards backers will get, perhaps from a live Q&A? I am on the bridge between backing and just waiting to subscribe when it comes out. What will the skins look like, for instance? From experience, I never end up wearing exclusive gear anyway because in-game items end up looking better. Also, my biggest concern is the "Additional character creation customization options." What kind of options are we talking about here? Either they're big, like several additional hairstyles and could be purchased through the cosmetic shop anyway, or they're small like additional tattoos or something. Have they released any additional info about these yet? Thanks.


  • As far as I know, they haven't released any specifics about the additional character customization options, included in the kickstarter pledge rewards. Granted, the information could be on discord, or reddit, as those are also mediums that Intrepid is using to engage with the community. If not, that would be a good question to ask the devs, at some point.

    The only information about the "angel/devil" skins is what we've seen on the podcasts. It's hand drawn conceptual art, so it's not an "in-game" rendition of what the skins will actually look like. They look cool, but not cool enough to break my bank, personally.

    Most of the information being released has been about classes, races, game mechanics, and the backer goals. Hope that helps.
  • The additional character customisation rewards includes stuff like hairstyles, scars, etc. You will be able to purchase this from the cash shop later. You will not be able to buy the kickstarter exclusive rewards though, like the mounts and skins.
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