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Hello Everyone

Hey guys :D My name is Dillon, been following ashes of creation for a little while now, and recently just found the time to watch some of the livestreams i've missed, and one point was raised, to be as active as possible in the community and that resonated with me, so here i am, and im onboard the hype train. Woot!


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    Welcome Aboard! Good to see you here. If you have any questions the group here on the forum are very helpful and quick to respond. :)
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    Rawr, :3 Hai Dillon my name is Isaiah and ill be your newb buddy through this experience.
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    Welcome to the community o/
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    Welcome Traveler!!!!! Glad to have ya aboard the hype Train!!!!!

    I'm JcTruper some people call me "JC" or "Truper" for short
    I'm 21 years old and I'm a Hardcore gamer. I prefer playing video games that I can play online. But that's not to say that you can't find me playing a single player game offline. I'm pretty laid back about things. I'm just here to play and have some fun.

    How did you hear about Ashes of Creation?
    What other mmos have you played?
    What do you hope to see in Ashes of creation?
    Got a question just ask meh ill try my best to answer it!

    Info down below! ( Want to dive into the community join the Discord)
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    Hello and welcome to the community!
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    Welcome to the Ashes of Creation forums!

    If you need anything, don't hesitate to send me a PM or add me on Discord (Sarumonin#2103) for anything related to Ashes of Creation. 

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