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Welp, I've sold my soul

It finally happened. After almost 3 weeks of agonizing over this, I finally came to the decision to sell my soul to this game and dropped a substantial amount of money into it. *gathers bread and crackers* Looks like I'm feasting tonight ;w; No regreeeeeeeeeets

In all seriousness though, I'm really hyped about this game :D It looks so freaking promising. I haven't been this excited for a game since I beat Pokemon Gold for the first time and found out there were other Pokemon games. The community seems overall very kind, welcoming, and intelligent as well, so that's a huge plus. I think this game very well might do what it says it's going to do and reshape and revive the MMO genre ^w^ It's definitely a worthy investment in my mind. I'm sure most of you agree with me :D Here's to the hyyyyyyyyyyyyype train! Choo choo~


  • Welcome to the club! I got myself the 400$ Breaker of Worlds pledge. I couldn't justify the 1000$ one, even though I really wanted it. I think my wife would have slaughtered me if I spent 1000. heh.
  • Thanks ^w^ As a semi-broke college student, I couldn't afford to shell out that much, although I definitely would have if I could XD I got the $92 Founder pledge (At least I think that's what it's called XD), so I suppose I shall see you all in CB1 |('-')7
  • Welcome aboard, I topped out at the $142 level I believe it was. I wanted in the persistent alpha but thats as far as I could go. Cant wait to see it.
  • Hubs and I are happy to say howdy, and welcome to the club! Many, many of us -- as indicated by the numbers in the KS, are very excited and hopeful about the promise of the game :-)
  • Hey, pals. I'd like to welcome you all to purgatory. I hope you enjoy your stay with me because we're all going to be here for years until the game finally comes out. :D
  • lol What Vicious said!
  • Welcome aboard! We're all in the same boat i think wishing we could get that next higher bundle. Its gonna be agonizing waiting on release but watching the game develop will be fun too.
  • Welcome Aboard the Hype Train!!! Thanks For backing the Kickstarter!!! Glad to have you along for the journey!!!

    HEY! Those are my Bread & crackers
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    xD I'm so excited for this game I needed this I was going to go insane if I didn't find something new!! and I already sold my soul a long time ago!!

    See you in hell Friend :D
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    How did you hear about Ashes of Creation?
    What other mmos have you played?
    What do you hope to see in Ashes of creation?
    Got a question just ask meh ill try my best to answer it!

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  • I feel you I dropped 220 and I'm debating revising it towards the 400 mark lol... I can't really afford it but I wants it GREED BEFORE NEED!
  • @Bannith guess you gotta look at the long run is this a game you are willing to play for about 2 years?
  • Yes well i typically spend what I backed it for over the course of the year. So the Braver of worlds was for me.

    I'll see you on the other side :)
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">Bannith wrote:</a></div>
    I can’t really afford it but I wants it GREED BEFORE NEED!


    Have changed my packages three times so far, am still umming and ahhing about upping it ... again

    Darn it, if only I could pay in installments :D
  • I jumped on with the Braver of Worlds but me and the wife had to talk about it because I wasn't going to have it be a surprise on the monthly statement. She was supportive as long as I promised to use it for live streaming and making videos for youtube and vidme as I just finally got the time to start up my channel. Communication is the key to making the marriage game work. Besides she new what she was getting into before we got married.
  • Welp I upgraded it lol... I'll regret decisions later when I'm eating nothing but ramen for a few months.
  • Yep Braver of worlds here also and my first ever kick start pledge. The ideas given by the Dev's for this game sound so fresh and exciting.
    Most of all I love Steven Sharif and his teams open expression and enthusiasm for the genre its all so intoxicating! (in a good way!)
  • Went a little past my comfort zone, but after committing I'm happy with my choice. Our names will reflect our choices after the Kickstarter is over and the new Forums begin. :)
  • I started with the braver of worlds pre-order but I bought a scratcher and won $500.... Needless to say I ended up with the Leader of Men after that....... ..... ..... ... .. #NoRagrets
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  • @Bannith Thanks for backing the kickstarter :D glad to have ya along the Hype train!!

    @DwarvenGamesmith hope it all goes well with your journey :P

    @Alusi Thank you for backing the kickstarter it was my first pledge on kickstarter as well :P

    @T-Elf I hope that's an option to show it or not personally.....

    @sarkado Gratz!!!

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