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I have stumbled over Cryys Q&A Video to Ashes of Creation and decided to give it a try.
Normally I'm not someone who is very fond of forums but I want to follow the development.
Right now I'm playing Guild Wars 2 as my main MMO.

To my person:
I played several MMOs and since ArcheAge like to discribe my playstile as a bandit. However I also enjoy other aspects
and even got into roleplaying once. On the side I'm studying Game Engineering so I tend to follow games in development out of curiousity how their development will go and to try to get a small glimps into the industry in the wild.

Thanks for reading.


  • Welcome!
  • @Amuria

    Hi, nice having you around! You should check the <a href="">Discord</a> out, questions are asked and answered there! Woah, game-engineering, nice - hope you can get some insights into the business. Happy waiting!

    ~ Zention
  • Welcome to the Ashes Community @Amuria!!!

    if you wanted to get up to date with what we know so far there is some helpful <a href="" target="_blank">links In this post</a>

    and feel free to drop in on the Official Ashes of Creation discord @
  • Thanks for the welcome, kind of uncanny how friendly this community is.
    I deinstalled Discord after bdo but I will give it a try when I have the time thanks.
  • Late as always:
    <img src="" alt="Welcome" />
  • Just another Bandit I'll be Jailing, Nice knowing you. :)
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