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Different servers to communicate?

Just re-watched the KS video, and something caught my ears which I hadn't picked up before. Steven said, toward the end, that "Different servers are going to be able to talk to each other..." so that they can "fill in the blanks of what they missed" and "collaborate."

That may just change the scope of things, in and of itself! Does anyone have more information on this, how it'll work, etc? I mean, if servers can communicate with each other, does that mean that we could conceivably have a cross-server guild that can still communicate within itself?


  • i listend to the KS video again and I think it's more meant that the players of different servers can collaborate and talk to eachother on the forum/reddit/discord etc, to find out how nodes tick. say on one server a metropolis is next to the sea and a giant seadrake attacks the city. on another server at the same location there is only a level 1 node but also the attack of the seadrake. now people could go out and collect information what made that seadrake attack so other servers who didn't got an attack yet could figure out what triggers it, who to avoid it or other stuff. And also to uncover the hidden story of the World.

    Think of it like Dark Souls Lore. You get glimpses of the Lore by each item, but only if you compare different items and combine the lore of each you get the bigger picture.
  • Cross-server communication should be very interesting with twitch, youtube and discord.
  • Okiedokie, thanks guys!
  • I'm waiting for when players begin to make "server diaries" where every change has been explained and the events are listed in order to re-do the events on different servers.
  • I got the impression that the reactions from Nodes would be a bit random from a set of possibilities for each stage or even based on each event. Most likely the former.
    No idea if I have that right or wrong.
  • The problem with the repeatability wikis is far back do you need to go to replicate the outcome ?
    6 months of quest sequence ? 12 months ? More ?
    I doubt it would be possible even if you wanted too, even then it would require EVERYONE on the server to cooperate with the plan.
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">VelvetBacon wrote:</a></div>I’m waiting for when players begin to make “server diaries” where every change has been explained and the events are listed in order to re-do the events on different servers.


    Some kind of in-game server history that can be found in libraries, etc. would be cool considering how each server will be unique in terms of which major events are triggered by different node types.
  • To add onto @VelvetBacon
    Some kind of in-game recorded history that would persist throughout the server's life and can be found in libraries, etc. would be cool, considering each server will be unique in terms of sequences of events triggered by different type of nodes (whether sieges are successful or not, etc.)
  • ^The library thing would be sweet but unless it's like an "untouchable place of lore records" that can't be burned down.. the history will be written by the victor.

    And so the great kingdom of Alacord ruled by the mighty Dave stood tall through the onslaught of the woodland people of Bast. *eraser marks... scratches... scratches... white out* JK LOL King Derf rules Alacord! All bow before King Derf!
  • I agree with all that's been said ^^ I briefly mentioned the concept on another thread super vaguely at one point but the discussion here has fleshed it out better. ^^ We can have historians and sociologists xD it will be exciting to see how each server differs or even see similarities xD
  • A lot of that will be dependent upon race, specific node in a specific region, types of buildings built and religious and social progression.
    So, while getting the correct combo of parameters won't be impossible - it will be quite the challenge to deconstruct and then recreate what's transpired on other servers - unless players start months or years later with the specific intention of trying to recreate storylines from other servers.
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