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Land of the Blinding Sun

I'm sure someone plans to fix this at some point, but just in case I'm mentioning it here. Every in-game demo we've seen so far has this same issue. When characters face the direction of the sun, the sunbeam graphics are utterly blinding. I appreciate the UE4 dedication to realism but maybe we can soften that a bit before release please?


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    i'm sure there will be options and graphic settings to tune for your taste . But right night let them show off a little
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    What he said.
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    <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">1pwny wrote:</a></div>What he said.


    What he said of him, so what they said.
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    Why soften it? If you look into the sun irl it is also blinding. A blinding sun will make the pvp experience even better, because you can strategically use the sun. Of course the sun should not always stay this bright. Let clouds float in front of the sun from time to time.
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    I have to agree with laxive.
    One persons problem is anothers solution.
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    inb4 sunglasses in cash shop is P2W. /s
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