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The Bastion Komodo

I dunno if this is the right spot for it but this is a creature I've made in the past and received a lot of positive response from in other gaming communities.

(I did not create this picture, all rights etc, are reserved to the creator. It just looks awesome and closest to what I thought of)

Species Name: Bastion Komodo Dragon
Boss Variants: Mosiac
Variants: Behemoth Bastion Komodo, War Komodo,
Type Of Monster: Dragon / Turtle / Beast
Level of Difficulty: Medium - Difficult
Environment: [Limitless]

Behavior: Aggressive - Docile
Reserve: On Request Only.
Height: 12ft
Weight: 154,000 Pounds
Length: 14ft
Weapons: Weight, Claws, Various Elements, Mouth / Teeth, Vagahound [Tail], Body.
Intelligent: Minimal, Domestic

Diet: Largely Consist Of Meat / Can Be Old / War Carcasses
Predator: None

Monster Description: The Bastion Komodo was once considered a being worthy of worship these creatures stood the test of time living far past the ages of 200. As time progressed, and humanity expanded across the vast expanse of Aincrad the presence of Bastion Komodos became more of a common fear. They make themselves at home anywhere from forest openings, to caves and canyons. The behemoths weigh more than several adult elephants, and leave distinct imprints in the ground around their territory. At first these beasts were considered untouchable, but as the skills of humanity became more lethal than the weapons they created; Bastion Komodos were well within their sights as targets for Hunters or war profiteers alike. The creatures were natural tanks, moving across the land unhindered. They are all armored in an organic shell that they are born with, it shelters them from almost all forms of damage their shells measure several feet thick, depending on the type of Bastion Komodo by environment the color and ornamental designs on the shell will be different. Bastion Komodos mate by meeting a bordering Komodo of the opposite sex through the keen scent of the Vagahound.

Female Bastion Komodos only give birth to one Fort at a time; Baby Bastion Komodos are called Forts respectively. At birth they are left alone to fend for themselves the mothers moving on to establish a new territory giving the birthing space as Bastion Komodos cannot live within several miles of each other, but even Forts are powerful being able to tackle deer sized prey or smaller by instinct. Bastion Komodos always have a friend nearby despite being solitary and left alone. The Vagahound is the term used to define their almost snake-like tails that has its own consciousness.

The Vagahound is covered in fur and has only a single mouth with a tongue much like a snake that can taste the air for anything ranging from prey to threats alerting the Komodo. The Vagahound is sometimes referred to as the “Limiter” for a Bastion Komodo. Without a Vagahound, a Bastion Komodo is consumed by its loneliness creating a Cratering Komodo. The stress from losing the only companion they will see through much of their lives, causes them to feed on an unreasonable scale on both organic matters and inorganic matter. Their body compensates by growing as much as possible to balance the change of diet, causing its shell to partially shatter around the growing Komodo, its blood boils with anger and causes an unexplained black pus to ooze from the sectioning of shell now lost.

This is a Catering Komodo, although they have only been accounted for in history every few hundred years. To call one “Slow moving” would be to underestimate the sheer explosive power of this beast. Through the day they conserve energy, so when in danger or hunting prey they can move exceptionally quick for short distances. They are elevation challenged, and cannot cross ground that is not inherently flat or has gentle slopes. Fortunately, these are the most common Bastion Komodo’s; Natural. The true masterpiece of destruction is a War Komodo. Taking organic warfare far beyond the crevice of being humane, war profiteers hunt and capture birthling Komodos and create one of the most lethal creatures in existence across all of Aincrad rivaling Aequors & Cannon Fodders.

They are so lethal that after service all War Komodos are sanctioned to be executed after use, and it is absolutely uniformly agreed upon that War Komodos are never to be abandoned after use or released. The birthlings. Their shells are torn from their flesh, where they are adorned with a metal alloy, twice as light, but 4 times as strong. Carved with the symbol of whichever kingdom exploits them. Their teeth wrenched out and replaced with solid Anaheim. Surgically enhanced with an extra set of eyes built side by side their existing ones allowing them to see heat signatures. The claws reinforced with thick metals, the weak sections on their joints and undershell also reinforced. Occasionally fixed to carry gear, but more times than often used as a direct offensive to move through enemy lines. The Vagahound is never removed, and humanity has never had to witness a Cratering War Komodo. Foreshadow? Possibly.

Tameable: Yes
Environment To Summon: Land
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