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Download time...

Good evening,
I had a crazy question that may have been answered before, but I cannot seem to find the answer anywhere. My question is:

What kind of week to week download are we looking at? Personally I have a blazing down speed of 350kb/s, and cannot get any other ISP. I have played games that require a 1 gig+ download every week. I was just wondering with the constantly changing world, what kind of week to week patch are we looking at?

Thank you everyone for your time.


  • Well, a constantly changing world does not necessarily mean constantly updating assets. I figure there will be a massive initial download that even an upper-end download speed would require letting it download overnight.

    what would really improve things is if the core download is ALWAYS the current working version of the game, so you don't have to download the game all night and then spend half the day downloading patches that date back to launch.

    After that initial download, the only time there should be a download of any real significance is if there is a major update to the asset library, which would indicate a new land, or new possible five tier node progression. The constantly changing world would use existing assets that have already been downloaded. The server would dictate which asserts to display based on established conditions.
  • DOOM got about 59 GB. My speculations are about for AoC 85 GB maybe. Weekly cosmetic items maybe max 20 MB. And quarterly updates about 800-1200 MB.

  • I don't believe their will be a lot of updated because it be attached to the Cloud ( Server ) There might be a weekly update to fix bugs etc.... like every once a week type thing like WOW did and if they follow what WOW did it will be in the morning but the base game will be on their end not client based!

    1am - 4am US
    1-am - 4am Europe
    and so on!

    Hope this help!
  • The biggest problem is unitary data is compacted in to libraries.
    That means masses of bandwidth is wasted sended unchanged bytes.
    Read big.
    Write small.
    No wasted bandwidth as you only transfer bytes/files that have actually changed.

    Think of it like a wise mans delta sync.
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