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In-game Streamer/Viewer Interaction (Heroic Opportunities maybe?)

This is a Twitch fan's solution to a long time MMO challenge - Why spend 20% of development resources making end game content that is used by only 1% of the player population? I don't know if this idea is technically possible but why not integrate a Streamer/Viewer interface in the game. Add a ethereal type character that can connect to a regular character and view the game through that character.

Then to improve on the Twitch experience, have a simple interface (like the old EQ2 Heroic Opportunity) so the viewer can have a small impact on the hosts gameplay. I used to be a hard core raider and I miss those days a lot!! But unfortunately I can't do that anymore. Would be way cool to be able to be there again, actually make a small contribution. and share that thrill of a hard won victory!

Also, I'm like the worst PvP'er, but I like watching the pros. Set a $5 a month subscription for the ethereal characters and have a large portion of that go to Arena prize pool rewards. Idk, just a thought.


  • That won't happen. The devs want avatars to actively explore the world.
    But, you can just watch twitch videos and youtube videos to see parts of the world you haven't traveled to yet.
    There will be Explorers aplenty.
  • I think I got what you meant, but I want to clarify are you asking for a spectator mode in game where you can go to a ORB example and spectate a player in game?

    If so that won't happen like Dygz Said the developer's want you to explore create adventures etc... but if your not into that stuff you can always watch youtube/twitch videos and cut through the open world
  • Yes, similar to spectating, but its also like getting invited to a group. I don't know if it is possible with the Unreal engine, but I imagine 1 regular player grouping with up to 10 ethereal characters. Once a ethereal accepts an invite, their screen view changes so they see what the regular player sees, like spectating. But they have a small interface where they make timely button clicks (like a mini game) and that creates buffs for the regular player.

    So I can still be in a guild and have my regular toons, but I also have this sprite toon that just flys around and can't interact with much, but it can group up with and spectate regular players. So just like there are 2-8 players in a group, there can be 1-10 ethereal toons with each player. That way less skilled players can experience end game content (in real time, as its happening). Twitch is popular, and this is better than Twitch because you can interact and affect the outcome of the battle.

    "Were doing the hard dungeon, want join?"
    "Thanks, but I'd get one-shotted in there. Can I tag along with my sprite?"
    "Sure, we can use the buffs on the MT, send him a request."
  • Ah got it so like a commander sorta kinda like what BF4 did but not as advance and be in 3rd person instead of 2nd view like the video below!

    Something like that ^ but less commands etc... cool Idea unfortunately I don't think they will do it because they want you to explore and learn at your own time and have your own adventures instead being ready to what comes next sorta deal
  • There is no "endgame content" in Ashes.
    When a dragon or an Undead Horde attacks your Metropolis, everyone participates to defend the Metropolis.
    And, really, the same is true when people raid a castle.
    It's all open world. Go play your role.

    Your role might be fighting the low level mobs or arming/disarming traps or locking/unlocking doors or stealthing in to reset/disable defenses.

    If you just want to observe - that's what twitch and youtube are for.
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