Character Stances / Movement

I would love to see a range of character stances available like BDO.

With open world pvp potential, coupled with the lush landscapes that will change over seasons, then the ability to crouch and even crawl might create seasonal and situational dynamics to pvp.

Ability to crouch/crawl to hide from pvp, or to lay ambush for pvp.
Maybe even for some classes to shoot static from kneeling?

Summer you can hide within the lush foliage of the landscape, winter you can't and are exposed to be seen.

Crouch on a hill to use your spy glass!

Would love to see, what do you think?


  • Good idea ++
  • EQNext had the concept of heroic movement...I've been waiting for villainous movement to be an option.
  • i like!

    Hopefuly combat movementspeed wont be too fast overall, pvp in games like aion/archeage looks so weird
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