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Any news on how many characters per subscription

I believe we can only have 1 character per server but how many characters can we have under one subscription? Has anyone heard?



  • Um. No. The devs said that we can have several alts. And that alts could theoretically be used as spies.
    No decision yet on max number of alts per server - but several. Jefferey likes alts.
  • Thanks for the reply Dygz.
  • Howdy!!! Like Dygz said you can have multiple alts on a server you can assume to see probably around 6 ( Not set in stone! )

    How many character you can have under 1 subscription hmm not sure! I think maybe 12??? Just my thoughts because I don't expect their will be many servers considering how populated a server will be

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks JC I would be very happy with 6-8 characters per subscription. That would be awesome. :)
  • I am hoping it is 1 per archetype, so that would be 8 per server.

    And PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE if you ever add another archetype please give us a character slot for it for free. Dont be ESO and make you pay for an expansion with a new class and then make you pay for a character slot for said class.
  • I'd really like to see 8 per server, to be able to have a character of every class.
  • I would like to see 8 at least.
  • A there are currently 8-9 fixed classes.... I would expect there to be 1 slot for each.
    The primary class can not be changed at present, although that is in discussion.
  • If this is a class dependent game (which is fantastic) they should but an emphasis on alts for...

    1. Filling a void in guild recruitment
    2. Crafting professions and sub professions
    3. Anonymity

    Make it impossible to swap to a new class like Rift did. It ruined the game. Player could talk to an NPC and become a healer, tank or dps. This made it so guilds stayed small with only a minimum amount of members to raid. It was a horrible design. Alts need to be important. Leveling alts and changing mains needs to be a thing.
  • @Stabby

    This reminds me of my BDO family...

    Hacksaw, Valk main
    Not_Hacksaw, Ranger alt
    Stacksaw, Failstacking alt
    Snacksaw, Cooking alt
    Taxsaw, Trading alt
    Cracksaw, Alchemy alt
    Racksaw, Kuno alt
    And Blacksaw, the name reserved for my Dark elf before I stopped playing
  • I don't know what is meant by a class dependent game, but...
    Avatars will be able to change their secondary archetype. Pretty sure we're stuck with the primary archetype chosen during character creation.

    Players will have to decide how important they want their alts on the same server to be.
  • There shouldn't be a Limit on how many per subscription, just how many per server. No Idea why some games cap this per account.
  • Am I the only person that has one character and sticks too it? ^^ Even for crafting etc I couldnt be bothered having separate alts for it all. I like focusing my attention on one character and decorating my time to the lifeskills I choose. So for me personally I don't mind how many character slots are available but I know people that love alts so I hope you can make a few ^^
  • @Townsendvol Glad to be assistance !!

    @Diura I can't stick with one character for to long ill go insane IN WOW ever class 90+ lol
  • So are you guys planning to cheat already or what?
  • @Diura
    I typically stick with one charatcre until I have done all achievements and learnt everything there is to know.
    After that it becomes boring without he ability to change any further.
    So I move on to another character.

    One of the limitations of fixed classes. You can only modify it so much.
  • I've been an altaholic for over 20 years and only came across the concept of using alts to "cheat" about a year and half ago.
    "If you join my guild you wouldn't be allowed to have alts because that just opens the doors to spies."
  • I find the thought of not allowing any alts in your guild because of cheating. How would you know if i have alts? you dont have access to my account and wont so i could very easily lie. If i didnt want you to spy on my guild i would encourage you to reap the benefits of being a member and thereby instill loyalty. But what do i Know
  • @Sunfrog Care to explain your Cheat?

    @Dygz Crymthann makes a valid point how would you know if someone is alt? so it be kinda impossible
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