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Question about trade runs / pvp

I want to know how the devs are going to approach money making/trade runs, to use an example ie "Archeage" they have a trade system on there game where u can create a trade pack and then take it to a turn in on the other side of the map, the issue with this is that, you can be attacked in areas where the turn in is. Now in saying this the problem that some of the servers that archeage has was the top level guilds where controlling the high level turn in areas ,This means that people weren't allowed to turn in packs for money, if people tried they would get killed regardless of what side they were on (red or green side) , meaning that the guild that was in control of that turn in was making all the money and the rest of the server was suffering to the point where people were quiting because of the economic gap created, which resulted in people that couldn't make money to buy gear ,weapons, pets, potions the lot.

Another point i want to know is how will the pvp system play out as well as sides, will there be a "red" side or a "blue" side in which both factions would pvp each other? can you be attacked by players as your going along in the game or is it limited to certain areas or maps ? and the biggest question is if a player is on the same side as you can that player hit a button or something so they can turn around and kill you? (which in turn would create the "green pirate problem")



  • There is no official "red" side v "blue" side.

    You can be attacked anywhere.

    The key searches for you are "Corruption" and "Caravans":

    <em>There are three states that a player can find themselves in: Non-Combatant (Green), Combatant (Purple), and Corrupt (Red). Everyone is a Non-Combatant by default. If a Non-Combatant attacks a Combatant or another non-combatant, then they become a Combatant for a period of time. Similarly, if a Non-Combatant enters a PVP zone (which includes things like Castles, City Sieges and Caravans) they are automatically flagged a Combatant while in the zone, and for a period of time after leaving that zone.
    Players can kill Combatants without repercussions, and are encouraged to do so, since dying while a Combatant means you suffer reduced death penalties. Where this changes is when a Combatant kills a Non-Combatant. In this case, the Combatant is Corrupt, and acquires a Corruption Score (which is accrued based on a number of different parameters, including the level differential of their freshly slain victim). This Corruption Score can be worked off with effort through a few mechanics, but the primary means of getting rid of it is through death.
    While a player is marked as Corrupt, they may be attacked by both Combatants and Non-Combatants. If a non-combatant attacks a corrupt player, the non-combatant will not flag as a combatant.</em>

    <em>In order to transport resources, you will have to initiate a caravan. Multiple players can deposit goods into a single caravan. While the caravan moves, it will have players who are registered as “Defenders” and NPC guards assigned by the village node. A zone around this caravan will prompt players nearby with a window that asks if they wish to defend, attack, or ignore the caravan. If the caravan reaches it’s destination, the owner of the caravan reaps a reward and all who added resources to the caravan will have successfully transported goods for processing and sale. If the bandits succeed at destroying the caravan, however, then a wreckage will appear- only lootable by players who registered to attack.
    Depending on the caravan that is launched, number of guards that will accompany the caravan and their strength will be based on a few factors; size of the node from which the caravan is launched, If the node falls under the influence of a castle, if the player has purchased additional guards, what the elected node official/officials determine they wish to allocate node resources to the caravan guard system. Caravan's will potentially include PvE disturbances along the route, depending on; it's destination, status of local quests lines for the area, and size of the node the caravan is originating from.
    When a caravan is active, a player will be prompted upon entering the caravan’s conflict radius to attack the caravan, assist the defenders, or not get involved. Attacking the caravan will allow attackers to open fight with defenders without either side being influenced by the corruption mechanic. </em>
  • Thanks for the info i was wondering how that works, but it still outlines an issue with green pirating / having a guild control the higher trade routes or even worse a small army of bots that teleport wipe out the guards take the items and teleport away (seen that before not a fan) , i just feeling in my opinion that this could depending on how players and have the system is refined in the future could effect the player base on a server if a guild as such created the problem that's been outlined.

    But thank you for the information Dygz
  • (twitch/streamer communities + hired NPC guards) vs (guilds + mercs)
    We will have to see. :-p
  • So I can mind my own business and still be attacked and lose items. I am not a fan of forced pvp. I was about to pledge at the $485 level, but I cannot do so with forced pvp ????.
  • At what point in the above descriptions does it say you're going to lose items when you have a PvP death? I'm not seeing that anywhere . . .

    If you want to mind your own business and PVE all day, go nuts! Will you have to deal with getting attacked at random? Probably, but if you weren't flagged, then the attacker gets weaker for doing so. As corruption builds, they will get to a point where PvP is lopsided against them. So sure, we'll all get ganked from time to time, but camping will be a largely non issue.

    Now where you do stand to lose items is if you're transporting goods via a caravan. You'll have to weigh the risk vs reward and/or higher help from friends or guildies to defend. If you're trying to be a solo trader moving goods across the map, you're going to have to deal with a bit of risk to your items. I think it sounds like a blast from both sides attacking and defending.

    As to guilds controlling cities, that's kind of the whole point. Maybe said guild doesn't want your resource coming in because they have cornered the market already so your caravan gets attacked. On the flip side, it sounds like to level these cities will take a lot of resources coming in so traders will be needed and you'll probably find help defending them from the primary guild holding a city. Who know's at this point . . . can't wait to find out though!
  • Thanks Brink907. So if I get killed in pvp while nonflagged, I will not lose items. Is that correct? As to guilds controlling cities, that is very anti-little guy. What will end up happening is a few larger guilds will control the important cities and the little guy gets the complete shaft. That sounds really fun if you are in an elite guild, but really bad if you are not.
  • Pretty sure that Intrepid has stated that players will control cities and guilds will control castles. It may come out that guilds do control cities if the guilds are large enough and can dominate how control is gained. We'll see I guess.

    If you are flagged as non combatant, attacked and killed still flagged so, you will probably lose some inventory(gathered materials and maybe loot from mobs) and take a 2x exp debt. The regular exp debt and not dropping setting is combatant. So far that is what we are told.
    Now what can I tell you that will get you to give the game a try? There are so many cool features that don't involve PVP combat that it would be a shame to pass the game up for such a reason. They have said that they will have pretty strict controls so that RPK will be pretty rare. As an old MMO player and having seen many games, I can say it looks like RPK will be pretty rare per individual. I'm NOT a RPK fan myself.
  • Crysatnia, from what I gather if a player decides to go on a PK'ing spree, he'll get more and more corrupted, this will effect his gear, his stats etc, this means he could end up as a "one shot" for a level 1 player for instance, if he goes really corrupt. He'll be killed by the guards should he try to enter a city. So yes he can PK. but at the end of the day the only person they're really hurting is themselves.
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">Iscoed1815 wrote:</a></div>Crysatnia, from what I gather if a player decides to go on a PK’ing spree, he’ll get more and more corrupted, this will effect his gear, his stats etc, this means he could end up as a “one shot” for a level 1 player for instance, if he goes really corrupt. He’ll be killed by the guards should he try to enter a city. So yes he can PK. but at the end of the day the only person they’re really hurting is themselves.


    what if they release some item where it removes the effect from being corrupted? as in they spam it after a certain point? wouldnt that make the corrupt effects N/A? :s
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