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Question About Storage

I am a pack rat in games I have played, and have become frustrated (and even left games) when there was not enough storage. Has anything been said by the developers about the amount of storage players will have? Thank you once again for replies.


  • I dont think they have, last time i read or saw anything they said they had not decided on if they are going by weight or space.. I am a pack rat my self. There will be storage on the freeholds.. But my question is... If you have stuff stored on a freehold. THe freehold gets demolished... You dont lose your stuff.. BUT, can you access it while its demolished or only till you have set your freehold back up? Wish i had answers for you. but just more questions lol
  • I don't think they have. I have heard them speak about inventory, but only in the context of PvP i.e.(what you drop when you die). I would be interested in knowing this as well though as it is pretty important.

    I am sure there will be plenty of storage space in player housing/guild bank. However, I am more interested in knowing how much additional inventory capacity a mount will add. No one will raid a caravan if they can't haul away the loot, but by the same thread no one will use the caravan system if player inventory is enough to transport a meaningful amount of goods.

    Also, this site has transcripts of the Q&As you can search. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
  • Agreed, as far as I am aware. They have spoken on craftable bags that allow more carry capacity and specialized use(mining, logging, hunting game, etc..) They have not said much about bank space.
  • There will be your own space, mules, warehouses, caravans.
    Your personal space is supposed to be limited to personal use.... so dont expect it to be like the Tardis in doctor who :)
    I assume your mule will do the donkey work ..cough
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    It depends if you are talking about crafting materials or not.They mentioned in the livestreams that they would limit the amount of those goods you can carry as with other items I don't belive they mentioned any specifics as to how much you can carry
  • Looking like weight may be a factor, since they stated in a livestream that currency wouldn't have weight in answer to people asking if they stored their gold in their freehold could it be looted. They said, no reason to ever store money in your freehold since you would be able to carry unlimited amount of currency. So on the flip side that would mean you couldn't carry an infinite amount of stuff due to weight. Sure it will be addressed at some point in the next few months before the friends and family dog and pony alpha/beta. Also took that to mean, while you could lose inventory items to looting, currency would be safe. But as above, that will need clarification.
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