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Hello from Tennessee!

I am so excited for this game to come out! I'm so excited I pledged today! I am telling all of my friends about this game and they are thrilled. So expect a lot of referrals from me!


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    On point ;)
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    Welcome to the community! o/
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    Also from Tennessee, just pledged and registered today. Game looks amazing! So excited for the possibilities!
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    Hi yall, I am from Tennessee as well, around Knoxville. Me and two other guys from Knoxville are going to start a group/guild. We are interested in as many local players as we can get.

    If you are interested please let me know. I have played all types of other MMOs such as SWG, ESO, Wildstar, SWTOR, Eve Online, NVN, WoW and a few others. Have some experience running a guild in WoW and somewhat in Eve Online.

    We are just looking to have fun and hopefully be able to met some IRL. So far the 3 of us seem to be more PVE b ut we are going to also need some PVP experts.

    Thanks for the time and hope to hear from some of yall.
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    Am also from Tennessee, albeit more north middle Tennessee. Can't wait to get to play with people here, hope this game will be awesome as it looks.
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