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hello from Illinois

Hi everyone, I am Granthor, and I been playing MMOs since Ultima Online. Yes, I went by Granthor there too, and I am hoping to keep this same name for this game. I have high hopes for this new game, so I will be keeping a close eye on this one.

Looking good so far, keep it going.


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    Welcome to the community! o/ Hope you get your name :3
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    Welcome Traveler!!!! Glad to have ya Aboard the HYPE Train!!!!!

    How did you hear about Ashes of Creation?
    What do you hope to see in Ashes of creation?
    Got a question just ask meh ill try my best to answer it!

    Info down below! ( Want to dive into the community join the Discord)
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    How I heard about ASHES of Creation was from You Tube. They have people talking about a few up and coming games, and yours looked pretty good. I like the concept of the node system, and I hope it grows into something more.

    What I look forward to within this game, is a very deep crafting system, sure you can hack and slash your way around any game, but to really be good you need a great crafting system. I have idea, based off of what I seen with SWG, and if done right could work in a game like this. Of course with a little retooled. lol

    One huge question I have. Can you own a pub in the towns? For example. I know we will be vendor type setups, but if would be cool to own a shop in town or a pub type place.
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    I love the nodes idea as well :D ( just to clarify I'm not part of "Intrepid Studios"( Ashes of Creation ) I'm just a fan. I like to ask people how they come across this game because it brings up a conversation also its interesting to know whats out there!

    For info on Crafting I suggest you check out youtuber "Deathsproxy" ill provide videos down below!

    Pub's in town hmm I can't say for sure!!! however if you make a Free hold ( out side of town ) you can create a Tavern and stuff like that!

    and people will be able to play parlor games in your Tavern :D

    Thanks for Sharing and sorry for not exactly being able to answer your question, but I hope this helps! :P

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    Hey :)

    Welcome to the hype train o/
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    Hey any news is good news. As long as it's real. lol
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    I just hope the hype keeps going.
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    The Hype train is still going!!!
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