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A world for roleplaying in, finally...... (again?)

Hey all. I am so glad that the developers of this game seem to be aware of us roleplayers who like to use these games to tell stories of our own. I remember starting in the original World of Warcraft and having a blast with the story I had created for my mage character. I remember there was a player character sitting in the inn who would make things for people if they brought him scraps of cloth. (I didn't realize it at the time, but he probably was leveling his crafting skills). But at that time it didn't feel like a game bereft of story; that only came later.

That's what I hope this game has. Story, Player Interaction, Room for players to make their own stories and develop their own characters in the stories of their mind. And I am praying for a depth of immersion that will make that roleplaying much more believable and engaging.

I recently tried to play World of Warcraft again and I am saddened by the direction they took it. I am sure it is a fair enough game, and entertaining in its own right. But I miss traveling to trainers, developing major character abilities through quests and storyline (instead of having them instant-gifted as most games are wont to do). In the old days of World of Warcraft, there was a reason to move about the world, to investigate and discover new things, and I hope that there will be reasons like that once again in Ashes of Creation.


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