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The Fall of Trinsic

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It's been a long time since I was in the battle for Trinsic, feels like a lifetime ago. This aged old warrior has seen hundreds of battles in my lifetime, but Trinsic..............just top them all. It was a cool morning that day, as I rode it with hundreds of other fighters, mages, rangers and anyone that could put up a good fight. The call went up weeks ago to help defend the great city. and people came from near and far to answer that call. I felt it was going to be a good day, as I looked around at all of the well-equipped fighters in the groups riding alongside. The mages had the finest robes, with bags at their sides. The Rangers had top-notch bows and swords, and the fighters heavy armor the lot of them. Down the winding road we went, along the think forest trees on each side, until finally we see the walls of the masses city on the edge of the sea. It's walls were smooth tan stone, and a huge moat was just outside of the walls. I could see a river leading into the moat, keeping the water fresh, and a small opening leading under one southern section of the wall. There were towers on each point of the walls too, and a large drawbridge hooked to the main gate. I could see guards along the walls, some with spears and others with bows. My attention quickly turned to caravans that began to pour of out the main gates. Must be merchants leaving town, but as they got closer, turns out it was the townspeople. " Turn around! Flee while you can, the town is doomed! ", one voice rings out. I can't see who it was, as the people as rushing past as fast as they can, while pushing carts, dragging bags, and riding in carts so full they look to be ready to tip over. We pause for a moment say the last of the pass us by, and I can see a few of us get a concerned look on their faces. I push on thinking nothing of the warning, and the rest follow close behind me. What are we getting ourselves into , I wondered, as we all now enter the town. I can now see the open rear of the cites, with it's shipping ports, and a smaller island to the east. The Wall only covered the western side, as it was touching the sea on both ends. There was a stream that flowed through the middle of town, feeding a few fountains along the way out. We see more people getting ready to leave, but at the same time other ready for battle. "You men! Quickly, come to me!" I look up to see a powerful knight waves us over, and we ride over to see what he wants. He wore full plated armor, that shined bright in the morning light, and a red cape on his back. he also carried a shield, that displayed the cities banned colors, and he was equipped with a fine sword at his side. " I take it you men are for the cities defense force? " " Aye, we are captain. ", I tell him. "Good, you bowmen and mages get to the walls around the city. The rest of you take up positions around the gates into town. We have four that need defending." "What are we fighting today Captain?" " You will know when it comes, all I know is whatever coming, it took out five other towns along the way here. Go now! We don't have much time." With that order every moves off to take up positions within the city. I return the main gate with a few others, as the last of the caravans begin the leave. The fear in the faces of the townspeople put me on edge. What were they not telling us? What was coming? I dismount my horse by a small stable close by, I make sure he is secure before I leave him there. He is a good horse, saved me a few times in the wilds, so I return the favor when I can with good food and a safe place to stay. Before I leave to join the others, I check over my armor, it's enchanted plate, and my sword with shield have enchantments on them too. It grants me more power and strength to last longer in a fight. Good stuff to have as a fighter, it still looks and feels good, so I move off to guard the gate. The hours pass by, as more defenders enter the town, than the hour comes when no one is entering the gates. So we waited to see what would come of this day................................ To be continued.


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    Thank you, Granthor! A very nice story, narrating the defense of a city, from a warriors point of view! Very well done, and I hope for more!
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    I was just about to post the next part.
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    Morning turns to afternoon, then the afternoon to early evening. Most of us sat around trading tells of battles won, and other had a good drink. The mood was light for a while, as I sat down to a good meal in the local pub. Always with an ear to what goes on around me, and one eye keeping watch on my surroundings. Most of these so-called warriors are green, I can tell by how they carry on. All the veterans are like me keeping it light, as they try to enjoy the day, while all of the greenhorns are getting deeper into their cups. They will not last if the fight comes soon. I finish up what is left of my meal, some old mutton with bread, and a mug of good ale. I toss the barmaid a little extra, and she gives me a nervous smile.

    " Why are you here? I figured all you town folk would have left by now." , I can see she is a bit on edge.

    " No worries mate, I am boarding the ship in an hour, it sails to the capital where my parents live. I will be gone soon enough once I close up shop. ", she gives her best smile while trying to hide her fear.

    And with that, she turns her attention to the other guests, as she gives me one last smile. I gather up my things and return to the main gate. Not much has changed since I went for my meal, except a few of the towns guard have now moved down to the gates with the rest of us. Along with the town's Captain of the guard. I hear mutterings of a few of scouts that were sent out, they numbered in a group of six I was told, and they are long overdue. Then at that moment, a shout cries down from the guard's tower.

    " Horseman returns, Horseman returns!"

    I look out to see a horse charging fast toward the gate, but it has no rider sitting on it. The horse is running scared, like the devil himself is riding behind it. The Captain moves forward to the bridge leading from the gate, and the horse seeing him now slows it's run to the slow walk.

    He reaches up to clam the horse, as he now grabs hold of the bridle, everything looks in place on the horse, but I can see a huge bag hanging from the side. One guard takes notice of it too and moves over to take hold of it. It's stained with blood and looks to have some weight to it. The guard now opens it slightly and quickly drops it to the ground. He bends over sick on this knees, as the Captain moves over to look in the bag. I see a deep frown cross his face, and he quickly closes the back and looks at the guard bent over with vomit still on his lips.

    " Get a grip of yourself at once." , tossing him a piece of cloth for his mouth now.

    " Yes sir,'s.."

    " I know, there will be time to grieve later. ", he looks to the others for a moment, seeing the fear on their faces.

    Then he hands the bag off to another guard, and I can tell from the shape of it, there are two heads within the bag. His scouts no doubt. But what happened to the other scouts? At that moment the winds changed, as the air grew stale, and the sun slowing sets. Then a foul wind blew in from the west, the smell of it was like rotting flesh. I hear the Captain give out orders to close the gates and brace the doors. The Mages, Bowmen, and Rangers all rushed up to the town walls, and we fighters helped to finished last bits of what defenses we can muster up. There are so many of us at the gates, I got a bad feeling that washed over me, I just had to see what was coming. So I rushed up to the walls to get a look for myself. If nothing else, I could use a bow, I wasn't a bad shot. Along the way, I grabbed up a fine bow from the armor station and a few arrows by the stairs and rushed past the guards who were getting into their positions along the wall. When I hear someone call me.

    " Hey you, what are you doing up here! "

    A mage calls me out, blasted magic folk, mind your own business I thinks to myself. She gives me a long dressing up and down look, then cast a spell over me.

    " Well if your going to be up here, at least your going to need a little protection.", she cast a quick spell over me.

    Nice looking lady, long blonde hair and fine robes colored in red and gold. But that spell, what the hell.

    " What did you do to me? ", I feel a tingle over my body for a few seconds.

    " Don't worry about it fighter, just ready yourself for what is to come.", she smiles at me then turns to look away.

    Before I can ask another question, a red mist drifts in from the west, and from the mist, a lone figure emerges. It's a female dress in black robes, and her skin is plain white. She stands there waiting and watching use. Even from here I can tell she is smiling at us. Then a loud screech echoes from the mist behind her, and my god, they come out of the they come...thousands of them....... The dead match on Trinsic tonight...

    To be continued..................

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    Yells cry out, guards rush into place, and the city defenses spring to life. I stand there in shock at the sight of what was once dead, now marching on the city. What did I get myself into, this wasn't a normal fight, it was something from my worst nightmare. I watch as boulders fly over the walls, and land into the middle of this undead army. They roll and crush a few, but more just move to take their place on the battlefield. They march closer now, as I can see some are wearing old armor, and carry weapons of different types. I get a good slap on the back of the head, I needed that.

    " Come on, get that bow ready! "

    I slightly turn my attention to the voice, it's the same mage that cast a spell over me. I watch her ready a flame spell, as I ready an arrow with the bow I found. I take aim at the closing army, just point to the middle of this wall of dead walking flesh, and the order goes out to fire. I let loss my arrow, and it finds it's marked. Blast, it didn't take down the target, but I see it did slow one of them down. I ready another waiting on the order to fire, the army now moves fast to the walls, and I aim at the head this time of one of my targets.

    " Fire at will!"

    On that, I let loss my arrow, and this time I take down my target, I continue to shoot, as I empty my quiver, all in all, I took down about ten. It was a drop in the bucket, but still, that's ten less to deal with. My new mage friend didn't do to bad for herself, and she took out a hell of a lot more with her fire spells. But still they come, and now they reached the walls. The guards begin the dump heavy rocks over the side, crushing my of the dead, and the sounds of moans can be heard coming up from the other side. I peer over the side and see hundreds of them piling into the moat, making bridges to cross to the wall with their broken bodies. Those that can no longer fight, are used as a base to help the other crossover. New orders are yelled out, as I ready my sword and shield.

    " Pour the oil! Light the fires!"

    Guards along the wall pull levelers, and hidden gates open to release the oil onto the army below, then a few flaming arrows set them all ablaze. Ah the smell of it all, burning rotted flesh, that smell will stick in my memory if I live out the day.

    A cheer goes up, as the undead retreat back from the flames, and everything that can still shoot pick off what is still in range. The moment lasts a short while, as the ground starts to shake. The sound of something large can be heard walking toward the battle. I hear a piercing roar echoes over the air, and through the red mist we see it, a giant Bone Drake, something that's bad enough alive, and now it's part of this undead army. This day can't get any worst I think to myself.

    " Fighter, get out of here, you can do no more good on these walls!"

    I turn to the mage and give her a small smile.

    " Call me Granthor, love, and I will be staying right here to help protect what I can."

    " Well Granthor, your sword will not help you against that beast. That necromancer witch called up the devil with that thing today. Best to regroup with your friends down below.", she says with her own smile.

    Before I can reply, the gates take a huge blast from the beast, and the walls shake from the force of it all. I drop to one knee from the blast, as I grab hold of the wall to look up, and I watch as the beast fires another huge fireball from its mouth. The gates take another direct hit, as they give inward a bit more. Mages and bowmen try to bring the monster down, giving it all that can to drop it where it stands. The mages launch one last huge blast into the side of the beast, as it gives one last breath, and this time the gates blow in. The beast did it's damage, as it falls to the ground motionless. Parts of the wall fall away, and what undead that was just outside, now pour through the opening. I hear my follow fighters rush to meet the enemy at the gates, and I turn to rush down the steps to the streets below. But before I can make a move there, I am blocked by a tall red-eyed figure in a black robe and hood. Its skin is pain white from what I can tell, with its boney arms sticking out of the robe, and gives me an evil stare. It reaches out to grab at me, and before it does I am pulled backward. When I look up again, I can see I am inside a Pub. It's the very same place I had my meal earlier in the day.

    " Your welcome Granthor. "

    " What wait, we were just on the walls. How did we get here?"

    " I used my teleport spell, it opens a gate to a saved location. It just so happens I saved one here in this pub. Anyway, you were about to be the victim of a Lich Lord. They breached the walls when the gates came down. "

    " Your that same mage that cast a spell over me earlier right? "

    "Yes, my name is Marisa. Here take these potions."

    She hands me a red and orange one from her pack, then tells me to drink them down quickly. I do as she says, the red is sweet to the taste, and I feel a little strength returning, and the orange one is a little bitter. Not sure the effects of that one, but my body does begin to tingle.

    I look around and see an arm on the floor, it's pale white, and I move to pick it up to get a closer look. Marisa rushes over to slap my hand away and casts a spell to burn the arm to ash.

    " Are you mad? The Lich Lord's arm was still dangerous, you can't touch it, not yet.........., even with it not attached to the owner's body. You would have been drained of your life, and a new Lich would be born from you."

    " How did it get here?"

    " It was reaching through my gate to here, and I closed it on its arm. So there is laid until I burned it up.

    I frown at her words. It was trying to get me, turn me into one of them? Look around at the wounded fighters sitting around the room, with healers nursing them back to good health. The others with us.........

    " Where are the others from the wall? What happened to them? "

    " The lucky ones escaped, count yourself as lucky to know me Granthor. I couldn't leave you behind."

    With that she turns to talk with a few other mages now, I just noticed them standing in the shadows of the Pub, as the sounds of fighting can still be heard echoing in the streets outside. I need to get out there, I need to be helping. I move to leave, then a hand grab hold of my shoulder.

    " Please sir, stay here. Help protect us."

    I turn to see the Barmaid and her family, standing in fear of what is going on outside. Poor bastards never got out of town in time. I give them the best smile I can, letting them know I will do what I can. I look out the window of the Pub, the streets now full of undead, and no way to get out without being seen. I grip my sword tightly, and wonder how can this day get any worst?

    To be continued............

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    The streets fill with the undead now, as what is left of the fighters fall back to the docks. I find myself stuck in this pub with three mages, two healers and four badly hurt fighters. I want to return outside, but the Barmaid begged me to stay, and all I can do is agree to the request. I can't turn down any cry for help.

    " You there, fighter...Granthor is it? Hand me your sword quickly."

    I turn to see this older mage with a long grey beard and pointed hat, his aged hand is extended from his robe, and he motions for me to turn over my blade to him. I give this bastard a deep frown, showing him he's not getting my sword. But Marisa walks over to me and puts a hand on my arm to calm me a little.

    " It's ok Granthor, he only wants to add an enchantment, he's the best at his art, and you can trust him ok. "

    Marisa is a beauty of a lady, even for a mage, with her fine young face, and long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. I feel at ease with her, maybe it's her soft-spoken voice, or maybe she cast a spell over me. Heck, I find myself trusting her more, so I hand her my sword, and she gives me a big smile, then hands it to the old timer.

    " He better not break it, or I will break his hide."

    " No worries Gran, see...............He is almost done already."

    With those words I watch as my sword glows a bright green, then it fades back to its normal silver color. Then Marisa takes hold of the weapon from the old mage and returns it to me. I grab hold of the hilt slowly, as the sword feels warm now, but it still is the same weapon.

    " What did he do? "

    " If you must know young pup, I gave your weapon a little kick. Now you have a better chance against what's out there. But no worries, they can't get in here.", says the old mage while pointing out the window.

    I look out to see bigger things walking down the street, as they strike out at anything that's not them. Then three heavy armor figures crash down on this band of undead now, they must have jump down from the roof of this building. They clash with the huge monsters, striking down what's in front of them, smashing in skulls and breaking bones. But two of the defends meet a quick end from an undead Ogre that joins the fight, and it takes a wild swing at the third fighter, sending him crashing back through the pub's door. I quickly move to see if he is ok, reaching down to check on his condition, he knocks my hand away.

    " Get Away from me! I am fine, just point me at that oversized bastard. I will take his head off!"

    He is a heavy set short man, with red hair and a beard to match. He wears a heavy suit of armor, that has dents all over it, and he holds a now bent shield. He looks just like........wait it is him.

    " Red you old wolf, I can't believe it's you."

    He turns to look me over, then gets to his feet, and slaps me on the shoulder.

    " You old Goat Granny. I figured you would be here, how have to be? "

    " I will tell you all about it later my friend, but it looks like your new friend out there, has called up some new unwanted guests."

    We all turn to see three Lich Lords standing in the doorway, but they don't enter. One reaches out with its cold pale white hand and moves slowly forward. But it is knocked back from entering, and it begins to stand there watching everyone in the place.

    " Stand ready everyone, my spell won't last much longer. Granthor, get ready with your sword!", says the old mage from the back of the room.

    The other fighters stand ready the best they can to protect the others, and Red now stands at my side. It's like old times, two old friends ready to battle. Red takes out his double side ax and grips it tightly. We watch as the other two Lich Lords now push forward with the third one, and whatever was stopping them before, looks to be gone now. They slowing walk into the pub, and I ready my shield in my left hand, as I rush forward to meet this enemy head-on with my sword is drawn looking for blood. The first Lich reaches out to grab at me, but I swing and cut his right arm off. it hits the floor and turns to dust, then I slice him from his right side of his neck to the gut, and watch as he turns to a pile of dust like his arm. Red swings his ax at the second one, only to get knocked back, as his ax is deflected away. It moves to grab him from the back, but I jump in between them both and ram my sword into the gut of this one. I give it a slight twist and push it in deeper, then watch as this one turns to dust like the first.  The last one now has hold of my shield, blast, it must have moved in when I was close to the other, then it touches my face, but nothing happens. I back off quickly, and swing my sword to cut off its head, and poof it turns to dust like the others. But why didn't anything happen to me? Then I remembered, those potions I drank, Marisa must have given me something to protect me.

    " We need to get out of here, more will be coming soon.", says a scared fighter.

    I agree with him, then I watch as that old mage walks up tot he open doorway, and mutters something, then a flash, and he walks back to the others. Must be his protection barrier again, but it's not going to keep them out forever.

    " I agree, we need to leave now, we can't say here any longer.", says another fighter now.

    The Barmaid steps forward and motions to me. She points to the back of the place, and I see a small door in the side of the wall. I move to open it, and there are stairs leading down.

    " This is the way to the docks, we once used it a while back, but we had rat problems. So we bared the door, and have not used it since."

    I look at her with concern, only rats I think. Well, it's something we can deal with, if it means an easier way to reach the docks, I am game for it. So Red and I go down the stairs and pull off all the heavy boards from the door, as the others now make their way downstairs. We open the old door, and all we see is darkness. I can hear the sound of dripping water in the distance, as Marisa cast a light spell. We can see it's an old passageway, very wet and smelly.

    " Well if we are going let us go.", says Red as he moves into the tunnel with his ax in hand.

    The others follow behind him, and Marisa stands with me for a moment, as we are the last two to enter. She looks as if she wants to tell me something, but stops for talking then walks ahead of me.  Then she stops short of entering the tunnel.

    " You know when this day is over, you owe me a drink."

    " Is that all you can think about right now, is a drink? "

    " No, but that's all I dare to say at this time.", says Marisa as she gives me a slight smile now.

    She enters the tunnel, and I close the door behind me, and I lock it up as best I can. The light starts to dim a bit, I better catch up with the others, before I can't see a blasted thing. I hate tunnels, reminds me of being in dungeons, and nothing good comes from being in dungeons. Well, most of the time.

    To be continued...............

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    @Granthor this is so well written, so captivating. I'm truly a fan. Please keep doing what you do so masterfully.
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    Thank you for the kind support, I do the best I can with my stories. When I end this one, I have a few more stories of Granthor I will post on here under a new title.

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    I took a count of who was in the tunnels with us, just to keep track of us all. There are two healers, five fighters, not counting Red and me, also those three mages. One of which is Marisa, she stands close to the Barmaid and her two kids and husband. Red takes up the lead in the group, keeping watch ahead of us, while we move through the wet mossy tunnels. The lighting is good, thanks to Marisa spell, otherwise, we would need a few torches down in the dark place.

    There are a few side tunnels we pass, a couple of fighters light a few torches, then toss them to the light up the areas, but we see nothing and move on. Not one rat, of anything alive or dead.

    " Where are these rats you spoke of? ", asks a fighter while gripping his mace tightly.

    " I don't know good sir, I just know we had to bar the doors due to the number of them in these tunnels.", says the Barmaid holding her kids closely now.

    I don't like the sound of that, I have yet to see anything in the tunnels outside of us, and we have moved pretty deep in them now. Then we hear it, a low squeak in the distance. Sounds like a rat, but only one? Then the squeak goes quit, and a new sound of something play a pipe echoes in the halls. Who in the blazes is down he playing a pipe?  

    The old mage hearing it, mutters something under his breath, then with the staff, he is holding strikes the ground hard. A wave moves through the air and muffles the sound.

    " Quick everyone, grab some moss, or whatever you can find, push it into your ears now! Hurry!", says Marisa while readying a fire spell.

    I grab up the smelly moss and put it in every ear as I was told, then I move up with Red, and motion for the other fighters to join us in a defensive position.

    " What the hell is going on now Gran? Why are we shoving this crap into our ears?"

    Before I can answer, I hear a deeper squeaking coming up from behind us. We are trapped! I motion for four fighters to take up rear guard, and they hold their shields ready for what is to come. I stand with the other fighter and Red, as we take up the front. Red's shield is still a little beat up, and it will still do its job. The mages take up positions in the middle with the others and help everyone else. Then we see them some from the shadows, not undead, but the rats. These were not just your four-legged ones too, these were the Ratmen from the northern mountains. Three to four feet tall, sharp teeth, and musty matted fur. But what are they doing so far south, why here?  I see a large group to our front, and a larger group moves in on our rear, and us in the middle. They carry trashy armor and poor weapons, but they still can do a lot of damage. We can't get to any of the side tunnels to escape, too late for that, so we get ready for the worst.

    " If we stand our ground, they can't break out lines. Stand ready boys!"

    Then the sound of clapping echoes in the tunnels. Then we see him, The Piper, He is dress in different shades of green, and wears a deep red cape on his back. He wears a red hat on his head, and he holds his pipe in his left hand, and a long sword in his right. This Piper, a man spoke of in many circles, and it's never good. With the power of his pipe, he can enslave anyone's mind for a short time. Now I understand why we needed the moss, can't afford any of us turning on the others.

    " You have something I want, they know what I mean, and I will have it now. Just give it to me, and you all are free to go.", he says while looking past me.

    " What the devil is he talking about Gran?", Says Red

    " I have no clue Red, but looks like we are not getting out of this without a fight. You mages keep them kids safe. "

    I yell to the rear guard of fighters to get ready, and the Piper just shakes his head and tells his Ratmen to attack. I hear the sound of arrows now, even with this moss in my ears, but they fall short thanks to one of the mages spells. The Ratmen scream at this failed attempt, and they charge at us on both sides now. We clash with them on both ends, as their body break against our shields. Metal to metal, with blood curling screams, then the still quite of than death. I take down a good number of them on my side, Red's ax does it's damage too, but they still push into us hard. A few fire bolts fly pay my right ear, I can feel the heat, but it doesn't burn me. The bolts burn down a good number of them, and now I feel a cold chill from the rear. Must be a cold spell, no time to think, as the Piper now joins the fight.

    He swings down hard toward me, and I block his attack, as I return one of my own. He draws me out from the group, blast I let myself get cut off now, and these freaks of nature push me back away from the main group. I cut down more of them, as the Piper now sends his blade toward my head, just missing my left ear, and I roll away to swing to back him off me. He motions for the few Ratmen with him to go attack the others, as he gives me a big grin.

    " You know you can't beat me. I am the best swordsman in the whole kingdom."

    " We will see about that bastard."

    We continue to exchange blows with swords, he dances around to swing down on me, then up and then down again. Trying to tire me out, but I have a few surprises of my own. He comes in from the side now, and I twist to dodge his blow. He backs away from me now, and motions for something in the shadows. Then I am hit with a fire bolt, the knocks my shield from my hands. From the shadows steps out a Ratman Mage, and it grins at me as it sends another bolt my way, and it knocks me to the ground. I hit hard as my sword now slides across the floor, and the Piper quickly moves in on me to make the kill.

    " You fought a good fight, but now this is your end. Good Bye......"

    He raises his sword to make the killing blow, but he is stuck in the back with my sword. I turn to see Marisa with it in hand, and she strikes the Piper again as he drops his sword. His Ratman Mage seeing his master in trouble quickly casts a spell that sucks them both away into a portal, and it quickly closes behind them.

    I look up at Marisa now, as she extends her hand to me. I grab on as she helps me to my feet.

    : "Did you lose something granny? "

    " I was doing fine, I had him where I needed him. I didn't need your help."

    " You fighters are all the same, big heads and no brains. But I still like you Granny."

    With that we return to the others,  I see a pile of dead Ratmen bodies piled everywhere, the healers are tending to the wounded. The kids are shaken but are doing fine with their mother and father. Red.........Well, he is what he is, Salvaging what he can from the broken bodies.

    " So what did the piper want here, he acted like one of us had something of value?", I ask Marisa.

    She takes out a small bag from a hidden place in her robe and opens it to show a golden crystal.

    " It's one of the 6 power crystals needed to open a gate to a hidden treasure."

    : "TREASURE! What treasure?!", Red says with an excited look on his face.

    Marisa explains to all of us about the lost treasure of the four crowns, as she looks around the area for something. Then she finds it, I didn't notice the bag on the ground, must have come from the Piper. She opens it and it has a green crystal within it.

    " Now I have two of the six, that Piper fellow didn't even notice he dropped his bag."

    Oh crap, this day just got a lot worst I think. We need to get out of this town now before something else bad happens. I turn to follow the group out, but Marisa pulls me to the side for a moment.

    " Granthor, you don't need to worry, I will protect you ok. Just watch my back, and I will watch yours."

    " But the Piper, I hear stories about him, and what he can do. Took everything I had, and I almost lost."

    She smiles at me and pushes my sword into my hand.

    " No Granthor, I had your back, I will never let anything happen to you ok, now let us get out of here. "

    And with that we headed out of the tunnels from under Trinsic, but what was waiting for us at the docks? There was still fighting going on up top, at least I think there is................

    To be continued.

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    We exit the tunnels under the town, to the site of a dark sky filled with stars, and the two moons shine down to light the night. The docks are ahead of us, and we can still see a few ships and boats getting ready to leave. Red rushes off with the other fighters, to gather up weapons and armor off some of the dead defenders. Basted Red do you have no shame for the dead, but these are desperate times right now, and I even find myself picking up a new shield for myself. That Ratman mage bastard blasted a hole in my other one, I hate the blasted things with a passion.

    Marisa and the other mages escort the Barmaid and her family down to the docks now, as a town guard waves to me to come on over quickly. Red and the other fighters have already rushed off to join what is left of the town defense, and I quickly move to see what is going on. I am told that this is the last stand, we are to hold the line while the ships leave port, and nothing is to get past us. Once the last ship leaves, we are to quickly head for the southern gate, that is still in our hands, and retreat from the town. I also, learn that the town Captain had every horse and wagon moved to the outside of the southern gate, ready to leave once we get there, and they are under light guard to keep them safe.

    I move to join the other defenders now on the front line, and I turn to see one main street pathway leading to the docks. Pikes are quickly handed out to all of us from a wagon to our left, and once it's emptied they push it into the pile of other carts. All the other roadways have been closed off, and a makeshift barricade has been set up to help slow the attackers. The town is ablaze with fire now, a few survivors rush past us, and I see the undead army start to move in from the city area. In the distance I can see that necromancer witch, she is riding on a bone horse, and she holds a red glowing sword in her right hand. She raises her sword in the air, and motions it toward us, as more undead begin to rush past her.

    I quickly look around, Red is close by with his new shield in hand, and I ready my own in my left hand. The order goes up to form a shield wall, and I move into a place next to Red, and the other fighters line up to finish the wall, then we brace for what is to come. I can hear bowmen forming to the rear of us, and I focus my attention to the now moving army in front. Here they come, heavy armored undead Orcs, Bone knights, undead foot soldiers, and huge undead Orges with pole hammers. The smell of them crosses my nose, and it turns my stomach, but I don't let it move me from my spot. I grip that pike I was given hard and lower it to just over my shield. The other does the same, as the undead army is now almost upon us.

    Arrows begin to fly overhead, followed by blue ice and red fireballs. This seems to go on for a forever, as time seems to stop, the nonstop barrage of arrows and spell attacks. The attack does the job, as most of the undead get cut down from it, but we still have our own fight. What is left of these monsters now crash our wall, and I press hard to hold the line with the others? I put that pike to good use I was given, as I take the heads off a few. Then I feel a heavy blow that almost knocks me back, it's one of them blasted Orges with a hammer. Before it can hit me again, I launch that pike right into its head, dropping him like a ton of rocks. Now I take out my sword, and I strike out at anything that comes into range of my blade. The clash of metal to bone goes on around me, other fighters having their pikes broken, and swords are drawn to fight back the attackers. Feels like hours goes by, as some fighters fall now, but we don't let them break the line.  

    The order goes up to fall back, as more arrows and spells cover our retreat. Back to the front of the docks entrance we go, keeping our shields facing the enemy as we slowly fall back, and we take down any attacker that tries to push past us. I turn to watch as the last ship pulls away, and the bridge leading to the docks is set of fire. Well, our job is done, now it's time to get out of this nightmare. More fires are set to cover our retreat to the southern gate, as everyone that is left makes a break out of town now. I turn to look back at the city, and I still see her, that witch look right back at me. Sitting high on her bone horse, I can tell she gives me a grin, then she turns to go back into the burning city. The flames and smoke don't phase her, and she disappears from sight.

    I make my way out the south gate, and I see my horse. He might have let himself be dragged here, but he wouldn't let anyone ride him. I heard the whispers about my horse as I walked up to him, others tell me to watch out, how it's gone wild. But I mount him with ease, and many jaws drop at the sight. My one bright spot of the day, shame I can't enjoy it long.

    " So where are we headed Granthor?"

     I turn to see Marisa on a horse of her own, full packs on the sides, and a staff tucked in close. She rides up next to me, followed by Red, who found his own horse for the long road trip. We ride away from the burning town, as we who survived that nightmare leave it in a rush.

    " Where are you, friends? Why didn't you go with them?", I ask.

    " Well, my father and brother left with that family we rescued, they are headed for New Haven now. Why didn't I go with them? I told you I have your back, and I couldn't just leave you to fight alone. So you stuck with me now."

    Great, I never really liked mages, but Marisa she seems different. Sure she is magic folk, but I find that I like her. I look over at Red now, he looks a little beat up riding on that horse, but it looks more his armor that took most of the beating. I think for a moment, then turn to them both with the best smile I can give.

    " Red, you want some new armor? Not just any armor, but top graded stuff?"

    " Are you kidding, sure I would love it. But who do you know that makes that high grade armor?", asks Red with excitement now.

    "My father up in the Capital city. I am sure if you ask him nice enough, he will give you a new suit of armor."

    " So that's where we are headed?", asks Marisa.

    "That's right, we will head to the small village with the others to stock up first, then head up to the Capital after we rest up."

    " But how do we know those undead didn't sack that town too?", asks Red with concern.

    " I guess we will find out the hard way.", I say with a smile.

    We ride off into the distance away from Trinsic, as it burns into the night, and I swear I can still see that witch standing on the city walls watching us ride away. She won the day from us, but why did she attack this town, what is her plans? I also remember that Piper fellow, he was after Marisa, and I just got in the way. What was the treasure of the four crowns, and why are those crystals so important? Lots of questions, and no answers.

    As we continue to ride the only thing we can still see of Trinsic is the smoke from the fires, no undead follow us, no monsters from the attack. We who survived the night ride on to the mining town of Grey's Rock. It's a good outpost to get supplies from, and far enough away from Trinsic to not have the same troubles. So we hope. 

    We started with over five thousand defenders this day, from what I see on the road, it's far less. Trinsic has fallen tonight, let's pray it's the last town that meets this type of end.

    So ends the story of Trinsic.............

    Continued in The road to Moonborn.

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    Great Story! I can't wait to continue to bring them to life.   Enjoy.
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    Well that was good stuff, and here I was worried it wasn't going to sound right lol Very good stuff indeed.
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    Granthor said:
    Well that was good stuff, and here I was worried it wasn't going to sound right lol Very good stuff indeed.
    I am so glad you approve. 
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