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Which server should I use?

I realise this is a kinda dumb question but this seems like a game with huge potential so I am super hyped about it. At the moment, I don't have any idea how the server system works. Is it going to be global server, only with different iterations or is it going to be sectioned by irl regions (NA, EU). The problem I have is I'm in EU, which is never as hardcore as American servers, while also having so many different languages (French, German, English). So, would it be better for me to join the American server, or should I just stay in Europe? Also, most European guilds suck, from my experience.


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    Welcome Traveler!!!! Glad to have ya Aboard the Hype Train!!!!

    Great question!!! ( ignore the top part of the picture! )

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    You can join the NA Server if you want, But if you join the EU server it wont be any different from the NA besides location and Community. The game and updates will all be the same for EU/NA Servers

    (not regarding environment changes/nodes "Every server will be different, but balancing classes fixing bugs etc... will be the same )

    Its up to you what one you want to join! I can't really tell you what server you should join.
    Hope this helps!

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    If you want to play on a different region from yours you might want to consider the ping difference :D As JcTruper mentioned you're not locked yeaaaay :D
    Welcome to the community o/
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    @Diura where you from I think I asked you this or you asked me on another post I never seen the reply? Q.Q

    I'm from NA
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    @JcTruper I've a wierd feeling you never greeted me on my intro post xD I dunno maybe I didn't look at it xD I'm EU :3 hence I don't think you sleep xD What time is it for you xD you're always on :0
    Just looked at my thread :3 you did but I didn't get the usual 20/20 questions </3 joke joke xD
    @LocatedFlyer Sowwie bombarding your thread xD
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    @Diura I did!! go to NA xD lol
    sorry I do so many post Its hard to keep up with them all O.o I never made a Introduction Post! I always just replied to people! lol If i do make a post I wonder what kind of reactions i would get

    @LocatedFlyer indeed sorry mate!

    Just message you on Discord so we don't spam this guy emails with our posts lol
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    Ok, thanks so much for the clarification. This has seriously helped me in deciding if i actually want tocommit to this game, so thanks.
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    Personally I'm hedging towards the NA server myself, made the mistake with world of tanks and warships of signing up for the EU one and find there is much less cooperation within Europe simply because there are so many languages and on Archeage I ended up on server that ended up becoming a default German one after a couple of months of release. I guess the counter to that is that the population will peak at times that may well be inconvenient.
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    Glad to be assistance!!!!!! Wish you both the best of luck! @LocatedFlyer @KaariV on where ever your adventure takes ya!
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