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IRC or chat?


Is there an established IRC or chat?



  • Welcome Traveler!!!!!!!

    hmm are you asking if their will be like a app you can download on your phone and type into the app and relay it back to the game?

    If so Not sure at the moment the game is still in Pre-alpha its still being develop although I think that would be a cool feature especially to keep in contact with your guild,friends etc....
    Hopes this helps!!!

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  • IRC stands for "internet relay chat". It's a way to do text chat lobbies. It's kind of archaic in its functionality...

    I set up a Mumble that AOC players are free to use.

    port: 64738

    Here's to waiting until that kickstarter alpha access...
  • Oh Sorry We use Discord! I suggest you check it out link is on my signature!
  • Thanks! That's what I was looking for. =)
  • Glad to be assistance!! Sorry that I didnt get that sooner lol xD

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